Rotomolded Plastic Modules May Provide Beach Erosion Solution

A rotationally molded plastic module, The Sandsaver may provide effective, long term, natural beach erosion solution.

Coastal communities all over the World have been fighting beach erosion issues for centuries. While tourism continues to be one of the largest industries contributing growth to global gross domestic product, rising costs and diminishing sand supply has communities looking for alternatives to commonly accepted methods such as beach dredging, groins, jetties and coastal armoring. Unfortunately over the years, many of these practices have demonstrated little to no long term effectiveness, thus increasing property taxes and creating funding issues for State and local governments which typically have to match any federal money that may be allocated for beach erosion and renourishment projects.

Experts estimate that average coastline recession rates of 25 feet per year are not uncommon in the Southeast, while rates of 50 feet per year have occurred along the Great Lakes in the United States. The U.S. Climate Resilience toolkit estimates that roughly $500 million per year in coastal property loss takes place due to coastal erosion. The property loss combined with increasing costs and expenses have fueled many communities to search for modern alternative technologies to the commonly accepted practices, which may offer a long term beach erosion solution.

A number of communities along the East and West Coast of the United States, as well as along the Great Lakes have previously inquired about utilizing an innovative rotationally molded natural solution to beach erosion, called “The Sa ndsaver”. Unfortunately many within these communities ran into reoccurring resistance from politicians and lobbyists, that all continued to favor the same limited practices that never produced any long term results, namely beach dredging. The Sandsaver recently garnered international beach erosion attention after being installed at one of Africa’s most luxurious 5 star vacation destinations, The Swahili Beach Resort. Within 2 weeks, The Sandsaver was already showing tremendously positive results in re-nourishing the beach with the accretion of over 3,500 cubic yards of sand and increasing the width of the beachfront property by as much as 75 feet in some areas in the short time since its January 12th, 2020 installation, while it is expected that somewhere around 30,000 cubic yards of sand will be accreted within this installation. An added benefit that is being learned after the Indian Ocean based install in Africa is that the Sandsaver system is also drastically minimizing the amount of sea weed that is washing up on the resorts beach. This allows for reduced maintenance of the beach surface and allows for a beautiful white sandy beach.

The Sandsaver is a rotationally molded product produced by Granger Plastics Company of Middletown, Ohio. Granger Plastics is an internationally recognized leader in the field of custom rotational molding providing a number of solutions for a wide variety of industry ranging from Aerospace & Defense to Waste Management and nearly everything in between. Recently, Granger has installed the Sandsaver on both the Gulf of Mexico and the Indian Ocean. The Sandsaver was also proven to be effective on Lake Michigan, accreting nearly 10,000 cubic yards of sand when it was previously installed in Arcadia, Michigan. For more information on Granger Plastics Company, please visit For more information on the Sandsaver, please visit

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