Rotomolded Barrier May Offer Beach Erosion Solution

An Ohio-based rotomolding company may have beach erosion solution as product continues to prove effective on award winning, Indian Ocean beach at a 5 star resort.

Tourism is one of the World’s most consistent economic driving forces of the economy. Even with a global Covid-19 pandemic that has affected the entire globe, tourism and summer vacations have been an even bigger topic for many who have growing feelings of frustration and isolation because of not being to travel or visit with friends and family due to Covid-19 restrictions. The travel industry has taken a huge economic hit through the course of the year due to reduced travel destinations and reduced ability to travel due to the pandemic. However, one non-Covid related issue may also be having a growing effect on the number of summer travelers and vacations this year, disappearing beaches.

Beach erosion has been a growing concern for a number of coastal communities all across the globe. Each year millions of dollars of property damage and loss occurs due to rising water levels and receding shorelines that have been victimized by Mother Nature’s relentless wave action and energy. Man-made climate change threatens to remove half of the World’s beaches by the end of the century according to a March 2020 study by Nature in Climate Change. The report touches on accelerating issues such as sea level rise, human development and climate change risks. It is also mentioned inside of the report that the United States alone could lose 3,436 miles of sandy beaches due to climate change. One US based manufacturer may have a solution to the Worlds beach erosion issues.

Granger Plastics Company, an Ohio rotational molding company has recently released its third video installment of a beach erosion solution product, the Sandsaver, designed, patented and manufactured by the company. The video showcases the Sandsaver beach erosion barrier being installed at a 5 star resort in Diani Beach, Kenya. Being a previous award winner for one of Africa’s most beautiful beaches, the resort had to take a stance on protecting and renourishing its beautiful beach as erosion continued to diminish the receding coast profile. The Sandsaver functions in 2 ways, firstly by breaking down the wave energy as the surf crashes against the durable, rotomolded beach barriers. The surf can pass thru the front or surf side of the module that features a larger diameter opening. The large opening tapers down to a much smaller opening on the beach side of the module, which causes the surf to speed up as it passes thru the tapered holes and allows the sand and sediment to fall on the beach side of the Sandsaver modules. The water then must attempt to escape thru the smaller diameter openings on the beach side of the units to retreat back out to the surf or find the path of least resistance to escape to. This allows the sand ample time to settle on the beach, accumulating sand on both the beach and surf side of the modules, eventually burying the modules and creating a nice gentle slope on the beach.

The most recently released Sandsaver video shows a recap of the first released videos in effort to catch viewers up to the current release. The entire process is explained in detail from installation and filling the units with sand, all the way up to the amount of sand estimated to be accumulated and width profile gains from the most recent Sandsaver video update. In the video, we learn that after 6 months of being installed on the Indian Ocean, the Sandsaver system has already accreted well over 30,000 cubic yards of sand while increasing the profile width over 150 feet in some areas of the installation. The system’s performance has impressed many with ties to the beach renourishment industry and those with knowledge of the area. The African government’s environmental regulatory agency has even ordered environmental impact studies to be performed in effort to possibly suggest Sandsaver as a widely used beach erosion solution for the entire continent of Africa.
Granger Plastics Company, a Middletown, Ohio based rotational molding company has been in business since 1994. Granger specializes in large, complex rotationally molded products and a variety of proprietary products such as the Sandsaver. To learn more about Sandsaver, please visit

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