Rory Brown, Food Critic, Plans Review-Writing Workshop in Kauai

Rory Brown, of Charleston, SC, will be organizing a Food Writing Workshop in Kauai, HI this year.

Food critic Rory Brown is in the process of planning a Foodie-Reviewer Writing and Blogging Workshop to be held in Kauai in June 2019.

Brown, a foodie who travels around the world sampling and writing about local cuisines, chefs and restaurants, plans to organize this workshop in an effort to help foodies who have always dreamed of being food critics – whether on their own blogs or for professional publications – achieve that dream.

Although still under development, the Foodie-Reviewer Writing and Blogging Workshop will cover the following essential elements of restaurant and food reviews:

1. How to launch your own foodie blog
2. How to make money as a blogger
3. How to approach restaurants regarding reviews
4. The basics of planning food-review expeditions around the world
5. How to eat well but keep fit while on travel
6. Writing a food review, from appetizer to dessert
7. How food reviews impact the restaurant business
8. Restaurants and reviewers – a symbiotic relationship

Rory is currently reaching out to influential foodie bloggers to be guest speakers at this event, as well as to local restaurant owners to set up tasting menus.

As part of the Foodie Reviewer Writing and Blogging Workshop, participants will visit local restaurants, sample different meals and critique dishes on the fly.

A limited number of spaces will be available for this workshop. June is the perfect time to visit Hawaii, so you can make it a working vacation.

More information will be made available in the coming months.

About Rory Brown
Rory Brown, Charleston, SC native, is a food critic and avid traveler, who started writing about food criticism in 2008. Ten years later, he has expanded his culinary tasting adventures across three continents. Brown has homes in Charleston, SC, Kauai, Sydney, and Lake Como so that he can keep his global audience up to date on the latest healthy culinary trends.

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