Roofing Portland Experts Publishes Guide for Finding Good Roofers

Tips tell exactly how to perform common contractor-selection duties and avoid pitfalls in hiring a roofer, reports Roofing Portland Experts.

Roofing Portland Experts, a site that connects homeowners with roofing contractors, today announced the release of its information on how to choose a good roofing company. This information goes into far more detail that is normally given, and even includes tips for avoiding scams and other problems.

"A good example of our expanded information involves the recommendation to ask for referrals from friends and neighbors," said Tim Swanson of the Roofing Portland Experts company. "We have found that simple 'referrals' often end up being useless. The key is to ask specific questions about the company that has been recommended instead of just getting a name and a satisfaction rating. People should ask whether the company provided a detailed estimate, whether they hauled away the debris, and what processes were used to fix the roof. This provides a far more detailed picture of a prospective roofer and will often let people know whether it's worth calling that one for a quote."

Often, a homeowner won't know exactly what processes were used on their roof. This is just because many people don't really care about anything other than whether it works or not. Even so, the person giving the referral should be able to tell about things like how long it took to do the job and whether the crew seemed tight or sloppy. Faster isn't always better in the case of roofing. If the job got done extremely quickly but the roofer didn't use very many crew members, it can be a sign that corners were cut.

"Another common tip is to get estimates from multiple roofers," Swanson said. "Here, details are again often omitted. Our site's tips, however, let people know just what to look for when a company comes to do an inspection to get the quote. The way they act, what they're willing to explain, and how they explain it are all very important indicators of whether their offer should be accepted."

"We also warn about scams common to the Portland area," Swanson said, "and we make sure that Roofing Portland Experts contractors do not engage in those practices. One scam we warn about is the blank contract. Some companies will try to get customers to sign a blank sheet, and claim that they'll just bill everything to the insurance. Needless to say, they then pack the invoice with plenty of unnecessary charges. This ends up costing the homeowner because the insurance company will raise its premiums to them. It may also deny payment of these unjustifiable costs."

About Roofing Portland Experts

Roofing Portland Experts is a site that allows people seeking roofing companies to find and get quotes from multiple contractors. It also offers plenty of information and tips that make it easier to avoid pitfalls and scams. With this information, choosing a contractor is much simpler.

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