Roofing Contractors Portland Launches Campaign To Educate Public on Important Repairs

Fast maintenance and repairs are essential for preventing catastrophic roofing expenses, reports Roofing Contractors Portland.

Roofing Contractors Portland ( has announced its analysis of the most commonly-needed roofing services and what makes a small job turn into a big one. Its study shows that differences in timing are the most important factor for determining the price of a roofing job. A quickly-done repair can cost a few hundred dollars, but in just a few months, damage can progress until repairs add up to $10,000 or more.

"Roofs need work at many different times during their lifespans," said Roofing Contractors Portland spokesman Jack Luzinksi. "When a roof is fairly new, maintenance and cleaning are the most commonly-needed services. After the roof is older, it will often need some patching to stop sporadic leaks. Eventually, it will need new shingles as the original ones finally wear out."

All of these services are fairly standard, and it's easy to learn more about them by visiting the company's site at ( There, the site also notes that it's important to get leaks repaired quickly. If they go on too long, the deck layer underneath the shingles will rot. Once rot has started, there is no alternative but to replace the rotten area entirely. The rot can easily spread to the entire roof.

"A new roof installation is a major construction project that involves replacing everything from the supporting timbers on up, and the price increases accordingly," Luzinski warned. "Fixing a leak right away, on the other hand, usually costs just a few hundred dollars."

It doesn't take long to go from needing to have a leak fixed to a need for major renovations. Once started, roof rot spreads quickly, and within a few months, it can be raining into the house all over instead of in just one spot, warns ( Not only that, insects and animals find wet roofing materials inviting and will often nest in them. This adds their damage to the mix and makes needed repairs much more extensive.

"Because of water's ability to flow far away from the source of a leak, a problem that's ignored can quickly go from needing a few hundred dollars' worth of work to causing tens of thousands of dollars' worth of damage," Luzinski said. "That's why we emphasize inspections and repairs at (

"Of course, preventing damage from happening in the first place is another important part of home maintenance," Luzinski noted. "By keeping tree branches away from the roof, having it cleaned on a regular basis, and getting pest control services when insect infestations are detected, people can keep their roofs in great condition for many long years."

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