Ronald Lieberman, DO – Launches Amazon Back Pain Book With Great Success

Dr. Ronald M Lieberman, DO has literally written the book on back pain. Back Pain: How to Treat Lower Back Pain is available on Amazon and has caused the good doctor to expand his services to Pennsylvania.

Ron Lieberman, DO is a well-established medical professional and esteemed board-certified physiatrist in rehabilitation and physical medicine. Traditionally working out of Dover, Delaware, he has established a peerless reputation for the relief of joint pain in the neck, shoulder and back. Whether chronic or severe, his unique approach tailors treatments to the needs of every individual. After writing the book Back Pain: How To Treat Lower Back Pain, his success has seen him eyeing an expansion into Pennsylvania.

Dr. Lieberman's has long been known as the driving force behind innovation in the treatment of anything from simple conditions involving mild pain, to trapped nerve pain, sciatica and the rehabilitation of severe nerve injuries.

Dr. Lieberman's practice is characterized by an emphasis on tailored medical treatments chosen specifically for each patient. Using extensive diagnoses and examination, he pinpoints the exact problem or co-morbid disorders affecting patients before crafting a non-surgical treatment plan on an individual basis.

These proactive, holistic and highly customized treatments do not only treat nerve damage, but strains and muscle tears, as well as tendon and ligament problems. For the worst of these, Dr. Lieberman recommends injection therapies, devised in the 90s and continually improved upon ever since. Injecting a patient’s own stem cells and blood related growth factors, into cartilage injuries, meniscal, tendon and ligament tears and more can transform the healing process.

A spokesperson for Dr. Lieberman explained, “Chronic musculoskeletal pain resulting from strain and physical injuries can be hard to identify, as they are often far more subtle than broken bones. This requires specialized diagnostic techniques and technologies. All these will present in abundance as his practice expands, and are expounded upon in Dr. Ronald M. Liebermans book. As well as using ultrasonic diagnostics and fluoroscopic video X-rays, Dr. Ronald M Lieberman, DO uses traditional rehabilitation techniques to identify the sources of pain and relieve them, while speeding up the healing process simultaneously. All this can take place in a comfortable office visit in relaxed at the original office in Dover.”

About Dr. Lieberman: Ron Lieberman DO is a board certified Physiatrist who trained at the respected Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Lieberman specializes in diagnostic and therapeutic spinal injections as well as in advanced interventions, with more than 15 years of experience in interventional pain management. He is an instructor for the International Spinal Injection Society and is actively involved in physician proctoring of interventional pain management relieving strategies and procedures.

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