Romertopf Cookbook Just Released To The Public

Clay pot cooking is more nutritious, with food retaining vital nutrients. encourages clay pot cooking with first ever clay pot cookbook release.

Leesburg, VA – Having a long and storied history in the world of cooking, clay pot cookery is becoming more popular after being featured in several cooking shows as a cooking technique, especially because of the distinctive flavor and nutritional values added when food is cooked this way. This method of cooking using earthenware type clay pots can be traced back thousands of years.

One reason for their recent surge in popularity is that essential nutrients and vitamins are retained because the clay is somewhat porous, allowing both heat and moisture to circulate within the pot during the cooking process. One of the most popular types of clay pots for cooking is made in Germany and is called Romertopf. The German-made cookware is durable and made using fine quality craftsmanship. Doubling as serving pieces and very useful for recipes that do not require super steaming, the pots also provide a smooth, non-stick surface great for slow cooking. To that end, has completed the perfect compliment to one's clay pot kitchen with their soon to be released ‘A Real Treat' first ever of its kind Romertopf clay pot cookbook.

The cookbook will be available for a limited time with any Romertopf purchase from the site. All new Romertopf pots are now glazed on the interior with a special non-stick glazing substance. The pots come in many sizes, from smaller cookers up to ones large enough to hold a 16lb. Turkey. Romertopf glazed clay pots still require the same handling by soaking for 15 minutes in water prior to use and sitting to cool before cleaning for 30-45 minutes.

The cookbook, A Real Treat, includes special recipes designed especially with the Romertopf clay pot in mind and handpicked for health conscious eaters by Eva Exner. As always, Stackmines prides itself on customer service and all orders are satisfaction guaranteed with their money back guarantee.

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