Romanian Website Keeps Users Posted about Beauty Issues is a brand new digital magazine which is based in Bucharest. Its name refers to the fact that the creators find that there is not only a direct connection between natural health and beauty but the also share an equal value.

Newly-established Romanian health and beauty platform provides useful information about health and beauty issues. The platform is dedicated to the principles of leading a vigorous lifestyle and informs users of the ways in which they can benefit from endorsing it. It was founded by a young and talented crew that is based in the capital of the Eastern-European country – Bucharest. They prefer to focus on the content of the digital magazine while visitor interest in it reaches new levels. All odds point out that this tendency will most likely continue.’s literal translation would mean ‘Health-Beauty’. One of the main reasons why the virtual portal is called this way is because the team behind wanted to assert the equal value that both of the terms have. The head editor states that plastic surgeries and highly-advertised cosmetic products do not have the ability to enhance one’s natural outlook.

She is of this opinion because of the negative experience she has had with such goods. A facial ointment which was supposed to help her reduce the number of wrinkles on her forehead ended up inducing such a severe allergy that she had to endure months of subsequent treatment.

This left such an impression on the young woman that when she gathered with a couple of friends late one evening in her small apartment located in the heart of Bucharest she stated that something must be done.

All of the people that were there that evening found the concept of natural living entrancing and decided that it was worth their efforts and time. The rest, as the team members state, is history. It took them long months and hours of carrying out consultations with experts and virtual research in order to better establish the true value of a particular product.

One of the reviews which attracts the most visitors is the one of Varikosette – a solution intended for regular appliance by people who suffer from varicose veins. It can relieve the pain that they feel during long walks or when sitting for an extended period of time in a fixed position.

Product overviews are not the only thing that is featured on The website’s articles are separated into several distinct categories – Beauty, Health, Trimming, and Detoxification. Users who frequent the virtual magazine will also notice a Blog section located at the bottom of the homepage.

It is exactly there where most of the useful educational and informative articles are being uploaded on a daily basis. The ones that have paid closer attention to their list will notice that the range of covered topics is quite expanded – super foods, benefits of aspirin appliance, natural exfoliants, easy method to cleanse the body from toxins, most healthy herbal kinds of tea, hair care.

The editorial team is currently planning new additions to the contents. Users can expect interactive infographics, useful tips, interesting facts, and lots of new materials. The enthusiastic young team prefers to focus on the quality of the materials and states that their most sincere hope is for the viewer to enjoy what he is being presented with.

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