Romanian Portal Dedicated to Healthy Routines Receives Acclaim

Romanian health and beauty portal called Frumusete Sanatate has received international acclaim and success because of the reliable and genuine product reviews and helpful articles that are featured on it. The creators seek to inform users about healthy and natural practices.

A team of vigorous young Romanians who share a common passion for a healthy living decided to establish an online portal that is dedicated to the daily practice of robust routines. It is called and has been receiving not only traffic from the Balkan country but international one as well. Its title could be literally translated as ‘Beauty-Health’, meaning that users will find prettifying advice as well as traditional recipes on how to make household cosmetics. Users seem to be fond of the provided materials as viewer numbers increase.

Most people would find it surprising that a Romanian health and beauty platform has become such an Internet sensation. The thing which distinguishes it from other websites that have a similar topic is that the team that established it dedicates great amounts of time, efforts, and attention to research. Their goal is to provide users with facts, advice and product reviews that have a very high degree of authenticity and reliability.

In order to do so,’s founding team spends long afternoons and evenings carrying out consultations with cosmetic experts and stylists. It is not uncommon for a dermatologist or nutritionist to also give a professional opinion on request. Users state in their comments that this is what makes them come back time after time.

The high level of trust that visitors have in the materials featured on the Romanian health and beauty portal makes them rely on the product reviews and try out the products. One of the most popular ones is Chocolate Slim – a nutritional supplement which is said to have the ability to tone the body and give the organism more energy for workouts and yoga exercises. does not feature only product reviews. One of the main focuses of the beautifying portal is to inform regular people how to stir up their very own healthy and prettifying formulas at home. A member of the editorial staff states that most users do not realize how easy it is to make a face mask, body lotion, or hands ointment with goods from your local grocery and supermarket.

The main thing which modern society has to learn to recognize is that products that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins, have the power not only to make their skin look younger and rejuvenated but they will also strengthen the hair follicle and give the body vital energy to carry on daily activities.

Another staff member clarifies that if one leaves takes a closer look at nature, he or she will come to the logical conclusion that it has all the necessary products that can help people become not only healthier but improve and enhance their appearance as well.

This is the main thing which Frumusete Sanatate’s team would like to focus on – providing regular users with genuine and authentic information on how to achieve a robust body and harmonize processes within their organism.

Considering that the health and beauty portal has been subject to increased interest not only from Romania but from every part of the world, the enthusiastic young people are most likely doing things right. Visitor numbers are expected to increase even more in the following months.

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