Roll Mate Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Innovative Dog Roll Container and Feeding Tool

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Stops messes and prevents nasty spills and smells in the refrigerator today

Roll Mate, the unique, innovative solution for keeping dog rolls clean in the refrigerator, announced today that it is launching a crowdfunding campaign to finance its operations. The product is a dog roll container and feeding tool that enables dog owners to keep dog rolls, which are composed of fresh, ground, meat-based dog food, away from the other food in a refrigerator. With a clamshell design and a device for separating slices of food inside the container, Roll Mate also makes feeding easier while it avoids unpleasant dog food cleanup chores.

“We love our pets, of course, but their food is not our food,” said a spokesperson for Roll Mate. “Most families don’t want dog roll in their dinners. It’s also, frankly, a little gross to be wiping sticky, smelly dog roll off the shelf of the fridge where we keep our fresh vegetables and homemade banana cake. This is the problem we solve with Roll Mate.”

Roll Mate also comes with a purpose-made feeding tool nicknamed the “Paw,” which enables the user to chop the roll into uniformly sized slices that fit into slots in the plastic tube. “The paw helps make feeding your dog clean and easy,” the spokesperson added. The tube also features locking clips that keep the Roll Mate firmly closed while it’s in the refrigerator.

Made from durable plastic, Roll Mate is available in three different sizes. They match the standard dog roll sizes available on the market: 2.2 pounds or less, 5.8 pounds or less and 6.6 pounds or less. Each comes with a “Paw” of matching size.

About Roll Mate
Roll Mate is a unique, innovative pet product that enables users to store dog rolls in refrigerators in a self-contained plastic tube that keeps the food away from other items. It’s easy to clean and avoids messes in the refrigerator. It includes a device that simplifies the dog roll feeding process as well.

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