Rolaz Group Informs New Investors of Limited Supply in Latest rGLD Token Sale

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Blockchain business developer creates decentralized Rolaz Protocol based on gold and precious commodities

Rolaz Group, a top asset management firm and holding company with an established presence in Europe, the United States, Central and South America, announced today the sale of rGLD, a tokenized product that will revolutionize gold mining operations. It is Rolaz Hedge Fund’s first-ever product thanks to its decentralized investment protocol powered by blockchain.

The Rolaz investment portfolio consists of the most scarce and expensive global assets, including gold, cobalt and lithium. Historically, the average return on all these investments has exceeded 100%. The Rolaz Protocol, designed to systematically tokenize natural, financial and investment assets, seeks to develop and grow a decentralized investment platform with groupings of investment opportunities. Protocol powers smart contracts, decentralized applications, (dApps) oracles, platforms and additional integrations.

What is rGLD token

rGLD is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The token sale period for rGLD is projected to be between six and twelve months. Rolaz Group plans to release its hallmark, proprietary protocol, powered by Polkadot, at the end of the token sale and it is effectively compatible with other blockchains. rGLD is anticipated to be useful for creating portfolios that contain all available assets, as well as for staking different scenarios for a particular token asset, according to a client’s risk appetite.

The tokenomics of rGLD

The rGLD token will have a supply of 50 million, of which 70% will be available for public sale, and offers a base price of $1 (estimate) for the public sale. The estimated market capitalization is $50 million. If tokens are unsold during public sale, they will be immediately burned, ensuring price stability for current holders.

A never-ending opportunity

“I am an entrepreneur, altruist and a dreamer. The times we live in have opened up a sense of adventure in business with unlimited possibilities,” said the CEO of Rolaz Group, Carlos Rodrigo. “It takes only one hit in life to capture your dreams and turn them into reality.”

Rodrigo explained, “The natural evolution of the hedge fund industry is to create a more transparent, trusted and accessible investable universe for all. DeFi (decentralised finance) has grown greatly within the Ethereum network, enabling progressive and innovative businesses to be at the forefront of change in the industry. Rolaz intends to bring transparency and profitable opportunities that were previously limited to the rich, to everyone denied access to profitable, closed-door investments.”

An individual may purchase tokens of natural assets, financial assets, or investment assets from the launch pool or rGLD website. Token holders can choose to hold the token or invest (stake). A staker earns money from the promised rate of return (i.e., rGLD promises a 50% annual ROI on gold mining operations, and then may decide to reinvest or buy another asset from available options.) Once the anticipated capital is raised, token issuance will conclude.

All raised capital will go to potentiate current operations, which means that an investor’s money will start working right away.

Check Point:

For individuals, the point to note is 15th September, as the token sale begins at 00.00 GMT with 10% bonus for the FIRST 5 Million Tokens.

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Name: Carlos Rodrigo
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Name: Carlos Rodrigo
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Organization: Rolaz Group