Roland Dickey Jr. Interviewed Regarding The Huge Success of Dickey’s Barbecue Fast Casual Food Joints

Roland Dickey Jr. has redefined his father’s company, with an aggressive franchising strategy for their slow smoked barbeque menu, creating a taste revelation throughout the US.

In a revealing new interview with Roland Dickey Jr., the Dickey’s Barbecue CEO celebrated their 500th location by sharing some of the secrets to his business success. The questions provided a spring board for insightful discussion on the nature of the 21st century franchise business, and the way in which an aggressive strategy can pay dividends for those who find a market opening.

When asked how he kept up the momentum for three years running, Roland made reference to their award for being one of the fastest growing chains in the country, and the emphasis on driving quality rather than quantity, which he claims creates quality as a side effect, “It starts with perfecting our recipes and guest experience in local stores and continues daily through franchise expansion across the country.”

He also talked about the nimbleness of Dickey’s, a veritable piranha in a market full of whales, “In today’s fast casual industry it’s not the largest companies that are successful but the fastest and most nimble. My commitment is to improve something about our brand every single day.”

Authenticity was another key to their success according to Dickey Jr. and he was keen to point out that though the business is expanding rapidly, it has a 74 year history. Keeping the company’s attitude fresh while maintaining a consistent menu is an interesting balance to find, claims Roland, “Brands like ours can’t bank on gaining market share just by having the fastest service, lowest price or most innovative menu because there will always be another brand nipping at our heels. We focus on the sticky characteristics that help our guests solve challenges while never swaying from our brand promise of delivering quality products with passion.”

The roots of the company still run deep however, and Roland pointed out that constant promotion and time-cycled specials used by other brands to boost sales have no place in Dickey’s strategy, “We aim to keep our menu pared down and authentic to our roots. I wouldn’t put anything on the menu my grandfather wouldn’t serve.”

About Roland Dickey Jr: Roland Dickey, Jr. is Chief Executive Officer of Dallas-based Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. He is the grandson of company founder Travis Dickey, Sr. Since becoming President and Chief Executive Officer of the third generation family run company in 2006, Dickey has expanded the restaurant’s reach from 20 to over 500 stores nationwide. For Dickey’s Barbecue franchise opportunities call (866) 340-6188 or visit

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