Roko Perdomo Insists On Making Popcorn Popular Again

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Snack food blogger Roko Perdomo insists popcorn by itself is healthy for human consumption and is determined to make it popular again through his air popcorn popper blog.

Roko Perdomo - a snack food blogger at - recently wrote a post about the various health benefits of popcorn. He says he is determined to get people to eat more popcorn because he believes its ultimately good for them.

In a short interview this morning he said people have a dislike for popcorn for all the wrong reasons. "Popcorn itself is actually good for human consumption and most people love popcorn, but the reason they don't consume much of it these days is because they hold on to the belief that all snacking is bad." said Perdomo.

He continued by saying "It's really too bad. Because most snacking is in fact not good for us, does not and should not mean all snacking is also bad."

Perdomo also clarified that popcorn snacking can be bad - health wise - if one uses excessive amounts of salt on it or one insists on making it sweet as is popular in many european cultures. "Of course you want to monitor your salt intake and drastically limit the amount of sugar you consume, so if either of those are prerequisites to you eating popcorn, it's probably wise that you limit how much you consume. Not because the popped corn kernel is bad, but because all the stuff getting added in is not that great!"

When asked about putting butter on popcorn, Perdomo insisted that numerous extensive studies suggest real cow butter is in fact great for human consumption. "The problem" he says "is when you use margarine or non dairy butter. The human body has a hard time breaking those down. So yes, use butter, but be sure it is real cow butter. Ideally made from milk of grass fed cows!"

Perdomo insists the healthiest way to pop corn is by using an air popcorn popper. Mainly because one does not need any additives to make it work but also because air poppers tend to pop all kernels more evenly.

He still has a long ways ahead of him in getting more people to consume popcorn on a regular basis, but Perdomo insists he is making progress - one step at a time - and claims popcorn is now more popular than it has been in a long time.

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