Rodeo Drive Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Celebrity Stylist, Dri Ferreira

Celebrity stylist, Dri Ferreira, accompanies her client, Lala Rudge, on a Rodeo Drive shopping spree and shows her just how limitless her fashion cred truly is. Working with Ferreira is always a taste of the good life, red carpet and all.

Dri Ferreira (né Adriana Martins), the celebrity stylist who services clients in the United States, Brazil, France, Italy, and the UK, has really made a name for herself in the world of fashion. Not only do the houses of Valentino, Chanel, Hermes and Gucci love her because of her numerous sales, retailers like Neiman Marcus, Net-A-Porter, and Barney’s treat her like royalty. Not to mention how her clients clamor at her door hoping to get on her waiting list.

Located in Southern California, Ferreira connects her clients to the world. Her 10-year old business is global in its reach and she has access to it all with just a push of a cell phone button. (Her favorite retailers are on speed dial—and they wouldn’t think of missing her calls). Her unrivaled eye for fashion coupled with her team’s quick trigger hand, her clients are getting the celebrity treatment with runway show tickets, pre-launch access, impeccable service and VIP treatment.

Her fashionable eye isn’t only for her paying clients. Ferreira’s website is a veritable database of all things beautiful and chic, with thoughtful posts on what to wear and where to buy it, as well as jet-setting travel and delectable gastronomy. Her newsletters include all the latest trends from the best brands in the world, and she is able to alert her clients to noteworthy products that haven’t reached the general market yet, keeping them ahead of the masses.

One of her celebrity clients is the flawlessly sultry Lala Rudge, a Brazilian socialite with more than half a million Instagram followers. Rudge relies on her beloved stylist, Ferreira, for the latest in fashion trends for her many paparazzi-studded nights out, her lunches with friends, and her glam beach days.

The pair shopped Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA (Rudge’s first time) at the end of April 2014, and the retailers rolled out the red carpet for the ladies. Dri Ferreira arranged a visit fit for the celebrity Rudge is--one she will never forget. Each store they visited had backdoor parking and private entrance for them, a discreet VIP showing room, an exclusive sales attendant, glasses of champagne and pieces already selected and racked for Rudge to try on—everything in her size. They were treated to lunch with Lanvin and dinner with Burberry. To end the trip, they enjoyed a bite at Cabana Café in The Beverly Hills Hotel on Rudge’s final day.

Not only is Dri Ferreira Lala Rudge’s stylist, she’s also her trusted business advisor as she launches her lingerie collection, La Rouge Belle, in the United States later this year. The line is already a huge hit with her fellow natives in Brazil—her collections selling out faster than she can make them since launching in 2012. With that kind of success, it’s only right that she branch out into the United States. And who better to help her secure the successful launch of La Rouge Belle in the U.S. than her very own fashion guru, Dri Ferreira. With Ferreira's help, Rudge is about to become an even greater force in the world of fashion.

The newly married, 25-year old Lala Rudge is a fashionable Brazilian socialite, top blogger and practically a model with how sumptuous she looks in everything she wears. Designers want to dress her. Companies want to her to pose with their brands and post the picture to Instagram. And everyone who’s anyone in Brazil wants to contribute to her blog.

While Lala Rudge is chasing her own dreams, Ferreira continues to seek out the newest trends for her clients. Her vision speaks for itself, as couture labels like Miu Miu, Dior and Peter Pilotto regularly open their showrooms for her, giving her the opportunity to nab the newest looks for her clients. In turn, A-listers know they can call Ferreira for the fresh-off-the-runway looks before everyone else.

Ferreira is not a fashion dilettante. She is every bit the professional. She put her knowledge of business to work and quickly made a career for herself as a personal shopper for a large celebrity roster. Her clients love her for her fashion sensibilities and admire her resourcefulness. Whatever your wish list, Ferreira can make it come true. Her defining trait as a stylist is her infectious excitement about fashion. When she chooses clothes for her clients, she infuses a positive attitude that makes the outfit look even better. And she shows them just how fun fashion can be.

To learn more, visit and follow Dri on Instagram at @driferreiralook.

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