Rocky Mountain Oils Moves To New Offices And Launches Blog To Reach New Audiences

Rocky Mountain Oils has moved into a larger office in Orem, Utah and has launched a blog to educate people as to the benefits of essential oils.

Essential oils were first recorded in the 12th Century AD during the Islamic Golden Age, when science and medicine took huge leaps forward that wouldn’t be rediscovered until the Renaissance. The practice of using aromatic oils in healing has since been found effective for a wide range of conditions and ailments. Rocky Mountain Oils has been carefully extracting essential oils for seven years now, and has seen huge success which now requires new, larger offices in Orem, Utah. In another initiative they have launched a blog to spread the word about the healing effect of essential oils.

The blog, designed to educate individuals who may be new to or skeptical about the role of essential oils in modern medicine, will feature regular posts on the beneficial effects of these products, which can be used for practices as diverse as anti-aging skin care to cleaning bathrooms, as well as treating very specific conditions such fibromyalgia.

Rocky Mountain Oils uses the blog to investigate and discuss the science behind the efficacy of their products, using easy to read plain English to elucidate on complex processes that underpin the benefits of their essential oils. The website also enables people to shop by category, so they can find oils optimized to their pre-existing conditions.

A spokesperson for Rocky Mountain Oils explained, “We are passionate about spreading the word on this naturally derived alternative to processed chemical medicines, which often have unpredictable and even dangerous side effects. Essential oils can be used to treat anything from joint pain to athlete’s foot, can be used to enhance meditation and relaxation, or even as a non-toxic natural bug repellant. As we have the largest selection of oils of any company in the world we believed it was time we started informing a wider audience about the truly incredible benefits and applications of essential oils.”

About Rocky Mountain Oils: Rocky Mountain Oils has been in business for 7 years to bring the earth's bounty and healing power through affordable essential oils. It is quickly becoming the number 1 information resource on the Internet for aromatherapy and essential oils. It is one of the only companies that works directly with the small villages and farmers worldwide who grow the crops their oils originate from, and it boasts the largest selection of oils of any company in the world.

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