RocketPad Records 73.9131 % of Its 100,000 ADA soft cap For Seed Sale Round.

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RocketPad will launch cross-chain integration after the release of it platform.

Rocketpad team is excited to announce that we have recorded tremendous progress since we kick-started our Seed Sale.

As we announced earlier that We would conduct our First AMA (Ask Me Anything) when we sell 50% (15,000,000 Rockets ) out of our total seed sale token allocations of 30,000,000 Rockets.

Meanwhile, a total of 26,086.815587 ADA is required to be filled to attain our Soft Cap which is 100,000 ADA that is 50% (15,000,000) of the total token allocation for the seed sale.

Rocket Token Detail :

Rocket Total Supply is 150,000,000 Rockets

Total seed sale allocation is 30,000,000 $Rockets.

Confer on the website for more details about Rocket Tokenomics

Rocket is trading at 1 ADA =150 Rockets at the seed sale stage

Rocket Seed Sale Max buy - 500 ADA

Rocket Seed Sale Mini buy - 30,000 ADA (Note; These would change in presale stage to give room for the large community to partake)

Presale will start immediately after the release of our MVP


1. Purchase ADA from any exchange

2. Send purchased ADA to your YOROI WALLET/ Download here

3. Send ADA from YOROI WALLET to SEED SALE address:

Rocketpad AMA (Ask Me Anything) Coming Up

AMA (Ask Me Anything ) is the type of informal interview in which the interviewer is interrogated by the public. This allows the audience to ask them whatever they want to know. Rocketpad will conduct its first AMA when our Seed Sale contribution reaches 100,000 ADA (Soft Cap).

Investors who want to Join our Seed Sale should visit the link below to learn How to Join

More Elucidation About Rocketpad

Rocketpad is a platform for EARLY adopters on the Cardano network. It has a scrutinized listing, insurance coverage, Tokenless raises, and an accelerator, designed to leverage DeFi innovations on the Cardano network. While we shall launch cross-chain integration after the release of our platform.

All projects Launched through the Rocketpad IDO platform would be properly monitored and be subjected to diligent vetting as part of our Quality Assurance Program. Rocketpad also has community backers who are insurers against the risk of financial losses related to DeFi exploitation and allow projects to fundraise capital before its contract can be deployed.

Users who purchase the $Rocket token and hold it would be given quick access and Guaranteed allocation to Private sales, Seed Sales, and Presale of all Cardano projects listed in our platform and other chain projects that would be listed when our cross-chain integration is ready.

Our Front-end Devs team discusses all the other functions and backgrounds of the UI & UX Template/design to make it user-friendly before releasing it.

What Makes Rocketpad Unique

1. The truth is that Rocketpad is the first of its type on the Cardano blockchain, and although there are other Cardano-based projects, none of them have the unique combination of characteristics that Rocket Pad possesses, leaving it completely devoid of competition as a result. Some of these unique features are as follows; Staking, Token Burn, Governance, Guaranteed IDO Allocations, Featured Listings, Exclusive NFT Rewards.

2. Unlike our competitors, we fully support Cardano native coins and provide extensive DeFi features to assist new projects in their growth and development. We will also inculcate other chains through our cross-chain integration tech which will be launched in phase three of our road map

3. This will be the region where Cardano’s massive ecosystem will be able to come together and support high-return ventures with great profit potential. This will be accomplished via the use of Rocketpad.

4. There are needless delays or cumbersome checks when money is raised and tokens bought are delivered immediately to the user’s wallet.

5. To maintain the long-term viability of the DeFi business as a whole, we work tirelessly to ensure that all parties benefit from our endeavors.

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Contact Info:
Name: Kanna Aiko
Email: Send Email
Organization: Rocketpad

Release ID: 89057585

Name: Kanna Aiko
Email: Send Email
Organization: Rocketpad