Rockers Technology Releases Crowdfunding Software

Rockers Technology, crowdfunding software developer has released products which target crowdfunding sites dedicated to donation, real estate and equity crowdfunding script. The software is coded in PHP programming and is available at a one-time fee.

Rockers Technology is a software developer located in Vadodara India with an emphasis on donation, real estate, and equity crowdfunding. There are several types of funding raising scripts available, including reward-based crowdfunding and equity fundraising. Crowdfunding software are designed to facilitate setting up sites which identify various funding programs and requests.

Two types of crowdfunding projects are Reward Crowdfunding and Equity Crowdfunding. The scripts which are required for each type are somewhat different. Rockers Technology has designed appropriate crowdfunding software for each type of funding project.

Reward Crowdfunding is a system where those who provide funds for the project do so in order to gain rewards. The value of the reward is based on the amount of the pledge which was provided toward the project goal. In reward-based crowdfunding projects, a group of participants supports the specific venture which is set up by the initiator of the project. In Rewards Crowdfunding, the owner of the project retains full ownership of the venture project.

Equity Crowdfunding is similar to other types of investment in a company through the purchase of shares. The participant is able to take part in the project and holds ownership based on the number of shares (funds) tendered. Equity Crowdfunding software scripts enable the project originator to establish an online portal to attract pledges for the startup venture without losing ownership of the venture. The scripts can be either a portal approach or a DIY approach.

The software permits the full-fledged development of a white label website with advanced features. Alternatively, the software allows for a clone of other popular crowdfunding sites. Project creators can use the script in a simple installation process, which allows for starting a project within minutes. No coding or programming expertise is required. In spite of the advanced features, the interface is user-friendly to ensure a positive experience for everyone. The script provides a responsive website which loads quickly.

Contact Info:
Name: Rakesh Patel
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Organization: Rockers Technology
Address: 11 Abhisekh Complex, Makarpura, Vadodara Gujarat, India
Phone: +91 94089 96318

Release ID: 111223