Rock The Boat Launches Video Tutorials To Aid Consumers In Marine Audio Equipment

From gentle sounds to disco beats, audio advice available for marine craft with new video tutorials.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association reports that retail sales for recreational vessels, their accessories and marina services on the whole have increased, up 6% to $32.3 billion. "Pent-up demand for boats following years of diminished willingness to spend by consumers, improved credit availability for buyers and boating businesses, positive shifts in consumer confidence and an overall interest in the benefits of the boating lifestyle are steering the industry toward recovery," said Thom Dammrich, the association's president.

To meet these needs for sound accessories in marina equipment, the Rock The Boat Company offers advice on sound equipment and installation for boats of all sizes and other water related recreational areas. Active in the marketplace since the year 2003, Rock The Boat uses their website at to provide written and video tutorial material to help those looking for waterproof sound equipment make the right choice for their individual needs. This can be for those who want gentle sound quality to those desiring strong nightclub velocity music.

Matt Champneys, a spokesperson for rocktheboat explains the purpose of their website at this way, “We try to help you make an informed decision about what you need and how to narrow down your selection. We are sure that once you are armed with this information you will save time and money outfitting your boat with excellent audio gear.”

Matt stresses,“On average, you can expect a car stereo installed in a boat to last about 1 year. Of course, yours may last longer, or it may not last that long at all. On the other hand, boat owners can expect a marine stereo to typically last about 5 years. When you take that into consideration, marine audio equipment is definitely a better value.”

Matt Champneys further explains the important assets of marine stereos, “There are several factors that give boat stereo gear it's advantage in durability. Corrosion is a primary concern, since the copper circuits are particularly vulnerable to salt air and humidity. Even if a circuit never gets wet, it can still be decimated in just a short while by corrosion. To prevent this, the circuit boards are coated with a special transparent liquid plastic.”

A company frequently interviewed by magazines devoted exclusively to boating, Rock The Boat Stereo has made itself the ultimate resource for sound equipment for boats of all sizes, pool areas, hot tubs and water based areas. Their website is a one-stop locale for visual and educational information on a variety of marine based stereo systems.

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