Roberts Liardon Ministries Announces New Television Show on God TV

New show pledges to share the word of God with people across the globe.

Roberts Liardon ( proudly announces the debut of his television show God's Generals on God TV, airing every Sunday morning. Mr. Liardon, public speaker, author, church historian, and spiritual leader, shares the word of the Lord wherever he goes and works to ensure all know of the love God has for them. Through the use of social media and public speaking engagements, Mr. Liardon now reaches people in more than 100 nations and hopes to reach even more with the help of this television show.

God's Generals talks about God's great leaders, both past and present, as well as what they did correctly and what they did wrong. "Individuals covered include John Wesley and Martin Luther. Those who want to learn more about individuals dedicated to sharing the word of God are sure to love this show and won't want to miss a single week," Liardon explains.

In addition to the show being aired on God TV, Liardon continues to spread God's message on Facebook. In recent days, he posted on the subject of drama in the lives of others and how one shouldn't get involved in situations such as this. Another topic covered examined the partnership of God with a human being and how this team cannot be beaten. "No topic is avoided when it comes to the ministry and God's message to people. The more one understands what God can do in his or her life, the stronger this relationship becomes," Liardon continues.

Although one may not agree with actions God is taking, such as in the changing of the times and seasons, Liardon points out that people must not become upset or angry. Humans need to remember God is in charge at all times and move in the direction God feels they should be going, rather than where they believe they need to head. "Daniel learned this lesson in Babylon when he didn't yield to God's judgment. Wise men understand that God's judgment and timing must be heeded rather than one's own. This is a sign of maturity and shows the person understands God never brings them down, even when it appears this is the case," Liardon goes on to say.

The inspirational message of Roberts Liardon continues to bring people closer to God in all corners of the globe. "God's Generals strives to bring people closer to God by showing examples of those who have gone before, along with their successes and failures. Learn from their mistakes and their accomplishments and use this knowledge in everyday life as this is what God wants every human to do," Liardon proclaims.

About Roberts Liardon Ministries:
Roberts Liardon, founder of Roberts Liardon Ministries, continues to be recognized as a leading prophetic voice. In addition to being a best selling author and internationally known speak, Mr. Liardon preaches and teaches and has done so since the age of 14. He has also spoken in more than 100 nations, sharing the word of God with others so they can know of his love.

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