RKM Legend Announces New Book, Horror Short, Album ‘Subzero’, Shoe and Apparel Brands, and an All Black Movie Platform

Fans and followers of RKM Legend can look forward to a great time in the coming few months, including a book launch, clothes and shoes brands, a new album, a short horror film and a new online platform.

August 3, 2020 – The famous DJ Screw invented the Chopped and Screwed technique of remixing hip-hop music in the 1990s, and now his cousin Ryan Moreland a.k.a. ‘RKM Legend’ is following in the steps of greatness with new innovations, products and artistic creations, and supporting the ‘Black Lives Matter’ cause on the way to inspire the Black youth with creative films and works.

The Legendary Music Team (LMT) is an independent all Black owned organization actively breaking down barriers in a range of industries, from music and acting to publishing, apparel and shoes. Founded by RKM Legend and based in Houston, TX, LMT is pleased to announce all the latest and upcoming works and products in the coming few months.

At the forefront is the aim of inspiring Black youth and employing minorities in films and as staff and crew. LMT is putting money back into the Black community by hiring minorities.

“We (LMT) are here to spark change in every industry, not just in music or acting. With these platforms we will tell our stories, and that will in turn activate and inspire not only the Black community but all minorities,” says Ryan ‘RKM Legend’ Moreland.
First up is the book, "How to Tell if Your Man is Cheating” authored by RKM Legend. This is an instruction manual for women to protect their hearts from being destroyed by cheating boyfriends and husbands. The book is dedicated to RKM’s future daughter.

The shoe brand "Da Legendz Spiritz" is yet another great product available for just $199. Complementing the shoes is the clothing line, LegendWear, inspired by none other than Jay Z and Rock-A-Wear.

Later in the month on August 27, RKM Legend and LMT will launch the famous “Music Video”. This is a tribute to the city of Houston and DJ Screw, and charts the journey of a female groupie aiming for the top in the music industry and becoming famous without working for it.

Coming up on Halloween on October 31, 2020 is the film, “Elizabeth Revenge”, directed, produced, and acted in by RKM Legend. A short horror film with the theme - the concept of karma is only real when she isn't taken for granted.

Also to be released on Halloween is the album "Subzero". This is a set of songs about heartbreak, pain, relationships, redemption and motivation. Inspired by Kanye West’s 808s and heartbreak, the music incorporates his as well as RKM’s own life experiences.

RKM Legend was recently interviewed with DJ Smallz Eyes in Atlanta on July 25, 2020, and it can be watched on YouTube in August. Viewers can learn about RKM’s life his album Subzero, “Suicide Thoughts” and how he attempted to commit suicide.
Finally, the mega announcement! LMT is on the way to create “LEGENDARYBLACKFILMS”, an All Black Netflix subscription based company. This platform will be accessible only to Black owned film companies, directors, producers and writers. This is also where RKM’s movie “Elizabeth Revenge 2” will debut.
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