Rise New York Unveils Its Game-Changing Nicotine-Free Caffeine Diffuser For Unlimited Energy

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Created by college students for college students, Rise New York leads the charge in bringing the next generation of energy after unveiling the premier nicotine-free caffeine diffuser that's key to a productive day without breaks.

Rise New York ("Rise") is out to change the caffeine industry after unveiling a premier nicotine-free caffeine diffuser for the early mornings and late nights.

Rise is a no-nicotine, caffeinated diffuser without the typical harmful chemicals, like vitamin e acetate or diacetyl, the leading cause of bronchiolitis obliterans or popcorn lung, commonly found in vapes.

"It is better than drinking coffee or energy drinks because it is significantly cheaper, more efficient, and comes with none of the harmful sugars or dyes commonly found in Red Bull or Starbucks," says Luca Washenko, co-founder of Rise.

Using revolutionary lab technology, the team has harnessed the power of caffeine that has typically been in a cup of coffee or energy drink and put it into an easy to consume, portable Rise.

Because Rise is inhaled, the Rise team said the product's efficacy helps users feel the effects of caffeine faster than a cup of coffee. It allows users to take small hits over a large period to avoid feeling the crash common after chugging an energy drink.

Rise was created by college students at the New York University to help college students get the energy they need throughout the day and avoid paying $7 for a Starbucks latte or chug an energy drink and then crash.

"Since the very beginning, our goal has been to create a cleaner, more convenient, and affordable alternative," explains Jacob Jiao, co-founder of Rise. Comparatively, Rise only costs $15 with the power of several cups of coffee. It also fits easily in a pocket or purse and can be carried around throughout the day.

Within just a few months of launch, their TikTok posts went viral and exceeded millions of views.

"What's been great and surprising about this process is seeing how many of our consumers are using Rise as a way to get off of nicotine. For us, seeing the positive impact has definitely been a huge catalyst that's encouraged us to continue to push for expansion," explains Vedant Shah, co-founder of Rise.

Rise's Pink Lemonade Frost serves as a healthy and eco-friendly alternative that offers a recharge after a long day or before a workout. It feels like a breath of fresh air infused with lemon extract and guarana berry for a natural energy boost without guilt.

Rise offers 300 puffs per device, giving consumers access to continuous caffeine for up to a month without the crashes and caffeine headaches.

Those who want to learn more about Rise may visit its website below for more information.

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Name: Luca Washenko
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Name: Luca Washenko
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Organization: Rise New York
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