RifleMasters Publishes New And Definitive Guide To The Best Air Rifles Available In 2015

RifleMasters has compiled a comprehensive list of the very best air rifles that the industry has to offer, with four of the best rifles from the most competitive brands in the market today.

Air rifles attract enthusiasts from all over the world, and are used primarily for target shooting and hunting. Finding a great air rifle has long been a matter of seeking out personal recommendations from more experienced users, but the internet is finally providing alternative means for knowledge to be shared. RifleMasters is a website that regularly publishes information including where to find the latest and best air rifle scopes and other accessories. Now, they have finally published what they consider to be the definitive guide to the best air rifle on the market.

The best rifles of 2015 include the Hatsan 95, Gamo Silent Cat, Benjamin Marauder, and RWS Model 34. All are praised for their superior build quality, yet each has its own unique advantages to commend it. They all have distinct designs, and three out of the four are spring piston, with only one being pneumatic, offering an alternative for those who prefer the pneumatic action.

As well as the editor’s rating and a comprehensive RifleMasters Review, the site also features a star rating aggregated from user reviews, to ensure that everyone looking at these as a potential purchase can see both how popular and well-regarded the air rifles are in the broader marketplace.

A spokesperson for RifleMasters explained, “For us, there was one clear winner. The Hatsan 95 has three distinct calibers and is capable of firing shots at over 1,000 feet per second. As well as being powerful, the product is still reliable, accurate and durable. Together with a beautiful design, the only drawbacks are a heavy cocking weight and a loud firing action. For those who consider these a deal breaker, the Silent Cat and Benjamin Marauder both offer great alternatives.”

About RifleMasters: RifleMasters aims to be the number one online resource center for all things pertaining to air rifles. The site offers a wide-range of comprehensive air rifle reviews and comparisons. The site is very helpful for beginner air rifle shooters, as well as experienced enthusiasts. The site is regularly updated with news, inspiration and information on rifles and their associated accessories.

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