RiceSurvival Introduces New Emergency Products

Emergency survival kit provider, RiceSurvival, is proud to announce its new addition of emergency products to its inventory.

Emergency situations can be hectic and fraught with uncertainty. At any given moment, the wrong move can mean the difference between life and death. Fortunately, RiceSurvival.com makes it possible for individuals to equip themselves for emergency situations. Specializing in emergency survival kits, RiceSurvival.com is focused on providing emergency survival kits that are designed to increase one’s chances of making it through uncertain times. RiceSurvival.com proudly announces its new emergency products that have been carefully selected for both their quality and usefulness in cases of emergency.

Founded as a non-profit organization, RiceSurvival.com has been providing aid to the needy for quite some time, but refocused its efforts to direct aid in the form of survival gear. The website offers a unique selection of survival gear, tactical gear and long-term food storage. RiceSurvival.com’s introduction of their new emergency products is meant to beef up their existing inventory and provide more options for survivalist minded individuals.

Survival kits probably aren’t a commonly considered item; certainly not as common as say, groceries or gasoline. For those who are inclined with everyday survival instincts, purchasing a survival kit is as common as purchasing a gallon of milk. RiceSurvival.com was created with those people in mind, who are looking forward at securing the livelihood of themselves and the people they love. Surviving a natural disaster can sometimes come down to planning. RiceSurvival.com’s new emergency products can prove valuable at a time when all else fails, such as their Basic Survival kit and Ultimate Survival kit. They add value to the site’s current inventory in a way that is meant to help sustain life or ease the burden of those who have endured great shock or trauma and made it out alive.

RiceSurvival.com’s new emergency products are made from quality materials and were carefully crafted with the survival of mankind in mind. The new selection serves to bolster the website’s current offerings, so that consumers can either purchase bulk survival items or create their own custom kits using the items on the site. The website offers kits that include products such as bandages and flashlights, radios, respirator masks and matches. The website also encourages overall emergency preparedness and offers kits for auto emergencies, hunting kits mini-survival kits as well as other survival gear, such as seeds and pre-packaged foods. When looking for the best survival kit for oneself and ones family, RiceSurvival is a go-to destination for those with the foresight to secure their futures to look for the Best Survival kit they can find.

About RiceSurvival
RiceSurvival is an LLC Corporation that offers a wide range of survival kits, survival gear, long-term food storage and auto emergency utilities. The company was founded on the principles of charity and with an eye towards helping mankind. More information is available on the company’s website at www.ricesurvival.com.

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