Ricesurvival.com – Now Offering Long Time Food Storage Kits

Ricesurvival.com, located in Lewisburg, Ohio, is now offering long time food storage kits for sale, in preparation for the next natural or man-made disaster.

Online retailer Ricesurvival.com offers survival kits and disaster-preparedness products for adults and children, which were recently updated to include long time food storage. Among the company’s offerings are survival kits for camps, schools and automobiles, cat and dog evacuation kits and meal kits designed for long-term survival needs.

Ricesurvival.com has updated three of their most popular products, the Basic Survival Kit, the Best Survival Kit and the Ultimate Survival Kit. These kits are filled with high-quality items including food and water-purification products that are packaged to last for several years when left sealed. All survival kits available for sale have been designed in conjunction with local and national disaster and emergency-response professionals, government agencies and nonprofit first-responder organizations.

Anticipating the ever-changing types, increasing frequency, and intensity of modern-day, potential disasters, Ricesurvival.com proactively updated and enhanced its emergency-sustenance-and-supply kits. The Survival Kits provide cross-disaster relief and are designed to sustain users in the event of a large-scale catastrophe, especially when emergency responders are stretched to capacity and unable to quickly reach all disaster victims. Because delivery of food and potable water is often delayed during a crisis-situation, every survival kit includes life-sustaining food bars and water-purification tablets.

An AM/FM battery-operated radio ensures that evacuation or logistical instructions are effectively communicated to disaster victims who may not otherwise have Internet or phone services. To ensure that victims are easily found when responders arrive at the scene, many kits include a rechargeable LED flashlight, a thirty-hour candle with matches and a whistle to supplement the lights. Understanding that rescue efforts might span days, rather than hours, Ricesurvival.com also offers emergency-survival sleeping bags, blankets and hooded ponchos.

When disaster strikes, even communities who are not directly affected must nevertheless remain concerned and vigilant to signs of spreading air and water contamination and the threat of illnesses caused by the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. Power outages, failed plumbing systems and sewage backups, for example, hamper rescue efforts considerably and render timely victim-assistance that much more difficult. Contamination control is key to containing the spread of disease and avoiding an epidemic of airborne or water-borne illnesses. Ricesurvival.com provides a modern, first line of defense and protection against disease and contamination with its redesigned survival kits, thanks to the addition of water purifying tablets, which help to ensure the drinkability of resident water supplies.

Items for each type of kit are packed in a durable backpack or canister backpack, making evacuation easier when keeping track of children or pets. Having two hands free to assist others, especially children, aids in navigating out of, and managing, any emergency situation.

About Ricesurvival.com:
Ricesurvival.com was founded over ten years ago with the goal of aiding victims of natural disasters and terrorist attacks by providing and distributing pre-assembled kits containing food, water and other necessities until emergency responders could reach and transport victims needing medical attention or temporary shelter. Ricesurvival.com also donates a significant percentage of net profits to charities suggested by its customers.

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