Revolutionary Recollection System Cures Fear of #publicspeaking

Too many people all over the world are allowing their perceived fear of public speaking hold them back from opportunities for personal and professional growth. The Recollection System fixes this stifling problem.

Public speaking has long been scorned as the black sheep of career skills. Many professionals in the workplace are passed over because their communication skills aren't up to par and many entrepreneurs remain stagnant because they are unable to share their message properly. Sadly, people fear public speaking more than they fear death.

It's time for people to stop living in that statistic because it doesn't have to stay that way, everyone is a born communicator and once they know how to own their authentic voice on any platform, their world will change. No more being passed up for a promotion. No more lack of influence. No more fears.

The cure to quell the fears is a revolutionary proprietary 5 step system called the Recollection System created by Karen Donaldson, owner of one of Canada's top communication and leadership firms. Ms. Donaldson describes how the system came about by saying, "Here's the reality; we all naturally speak, I'm not going to teach you how to do something you're already doing. I'm going to show you how to do it better. My system helps you speak like you breathe - confidently and with ease." She has used this system to help clients develop and deliver a 5 minute pitch, win a multi-million dollar US Army account, help politicians genuinely connect and engage with their stakeholders and help professionals develop skills to powerfully yet concisely deliver presentations leading to advancements in their employment.

Ms. Donaldson is running two upcoming events showcasing the system that has helped turn side gig speakers into professionally paid speakers overnight:

Naturally Confident Speaker Boot Camp
March 29, 2016 in Toronto

2 Day VIP Intensive Speak and Get Booked
April 4, 5, 2016 in Toronto

As Ms. Donaldson says, "It's all about strengthening your ability to authentically connect, engage and inspire whomever you speak to, no matter what the topic. Your fear of public speaking will only last as long as you convince yourself it really exists. Never wait for a big audience to give you your best presentation. Give 150% whether to 2 or 2000." She goes on to say, "Fear of public speaking is a myth that doesn't need to exist. What people fear is the unknown, not public speaking itself. It's the plethora of what if's that have been allowed to consume our minds and create that infamous public speaking anxiety called glossophobia. I help people do this through my unique Recollection System which helps them self regulate and acknowledge an intentional management of mental, physical and emotional reactions and responses."

Once people use the system, they will be able to own their voice and presence when speaking in front of any size group and get rid of their fear of public speaking while creating a speaking platform from their expertise. What needs to happen is this: the knowns need to be acknowledged and owned and strategically used to empower your current speaking self. Then people's confidence and power when speaking will skyrocket

Having spoken and worked with some of the toughest and most judgmental audiences out there over the last 20 years, Ms. Donaldson also advises that in order for professional speaking be a major contributor to a person's success, they must remember that experts get booked, speakers do not. An expert must clearly position and communicate their expertise in a certain area so that conference coordinators will be interested in booking them.

Karen Donaldson, owner and principal of Karen Donaldson, Inc is a certified confidence coach, self-leadership coach, executive public speaking coach and international speaker. She is the secret weapon behind many North American and European CEO's, CMO's, VP's, Partners, politicians, senior managers, directors, superintendents, sales teams, business professionals and successful entrepreneurs when it comes so powerful and confident communication. As an international speaker and coach, Karen has clients around the globe.

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