Revolutionary Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapon Approved for Sale to the General Public

Revolutionary Self-Defense Weapon is Approved for Sale to the General Public The ARMA 100 is a revolutionary self-defense weapon now available to the general public for personal self-defense.

Carson City, Nevada — In the latest pursuit of non lethal self defense weapons for sale, the ARMA 100 was conceived with the goal of providing law enforcement with a highly effective device while reducing negative impact on public safety. Following careful review and approval by the US Department of Justice’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives division, it was decided that use of the non-lethal weapon, the ARMA 100 would not be regulated for use by the public, and is now legal for use in all 50 states as a non lethal self defense weapon.

“In nearly 30 years spent in law enforcement, I have come across most, if not all [non lethal personal defense devices]. Most work to some degree, but the ARMA 100 does its job” said Jess Galan, Retired Forensic Firearms Examiner. “In fact, this non-lethal defensive weapon’s appearance alone may in some cases be enough to bring the situation under control.”

For millions of individuals, particularly women seeking home defense without the reservations of owning or handling a gun as a means of self-protection and defense, the ARMA 100 offers a viable solution in the self defense weapons for women category.

Safer than electric shock devices and more precise than conventional mace and pepper sprays, the modern ARMA 100 provides the option for stopping threats from a safe distance without causing life-threatening injury. Using nitrogen to launch a variety of payloads with no significant recoil or kickback, the ARMA 100 offers two safety features, including a standard mechanical safety feature as well as a stiff spring mechanism designed to make operation difficult for a child. Similar to an umbrella in size and shape, the ARMA 100 is easy to carry and simple to use, anywhere, without regulation.

In the midst of collective concern over changing gun laws issues, the introduction of the ARMA 100 to the public is a timely alternative in personal protection. This highly durable and powerful self-defense weapon has been specifically designed to deter and impair someone who intends to do harm, while attempting to avoid a fatal impact. The ARMA 100 offers its owner protection against a variety of threatening circumstances.

More details about changing gun laws, Non Lethal Self-Defense Weapons for sale and self defense weapons for women can be found on ARMA's website. The company can be directly reached with any questions regarding availability and range of use in occipital fields.

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