Revolutionary Brands Inc. Weighs in on Claims that Some Forms of Birth Control Can Cause Acne

Revolutionary Brands Inc. addresses a case where a hormonal IUD caused a severe acne breakout that took over half a year to resolve.

Revolutionary Brands Inc. (, a seller and distributor of unique products throughout North America, is weighing in on whether birth control can potentially cause acne.

Beauty blogger and YouTuber Carly Humbert suffered severe and ongoing acne breakout after having an intrauterine device (IUD) inserted. According to Humbert’s dermatologist, the IUD—a popular form of birth control for many women—can cause severe acne problems in many cases. (Source: Escobar, S., “This Beauty Blogger Says Her IUD Gave Her Devastating Cystic Acne,” Good Housekeeping web site, December 23, 2015;

“Anything that affects your hormones can also have a big effect on your skin,” says Brett Lawson, owner of Revolutionary Brands Inc. “Medications, drugs, supplements, and even birth control methods can have acne as a side effect. Hormonal IUDs do affect your hormones, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see acne as a possible side effect.”

There are several different types of IUDs. Humbert used a Mirena IUD, which is a hormonal type that works by releasing a small amount of synthetic hormone. Acne breakouts are a possible side effect, with Humbert’s dermatologist saying it “happens a lot.”

“People really underestimate the effect hormones have on our skin,” says Lawson. “Hormones actually have a bigger influence on our skin than external factors, a lot of the time. There’s a reason why we usually have acne problems during puberty, when our hormone levels are changing.”

Humbert has said the experience left her feeling “disgusting” and depressed, as well as affecting her ability to continue making beauty videos. She said her skin was good prior to having the IUD inserted.

“Anyone can develop skin problems,” notes Lawson. “That’s why it’s important that everyone have a skincare routine and make healthy lifestyle choices. Simply keeping your skin clean, using a moisturizer, and eating a healthy diet can help prevent these things from happening.”

For Humbert, it was necessary to have the IUD removed and to undergo an aggressive acne treatment to restore her skin. However, according to Hilda Y. Hutcherson, a professor of obstetrics and gynaecology, most patients on hormonal birth control methods can resolve acne breakouts using topical treatments.

“Acne is acne whether it’s caused by hormones or by poor skin care,” says Lawson. “Usually, using an acne clarifying cleanser or cream can help stop acne breakouts. However, it’s that important people choose treatments with proven ingredients, like salicylic acid.”

While IUDs can have this side effect, it does not affect the majority of patients. As well, IUDs are considered one of the more effective birth control methods for women, so the benefits might outweigh the risks. Lawson says the takeaway lesson should not be to avoid hormonal birth control.

“No one should come away from this with the idea that they should avoid IUDs,” says Lawson. “There are so many things that can cause acne, and we can never avoid them all. As long as you’re taking steps to improve your skin’s health—like using a skincare routine and eating a healthy diet—then that’s all you can be expected to do.”

Revolutionary Brands’ Nova C60 line of skincare products has been formulated to reduce acne and hydrate the skin. Nova C60’s Acne Cream Active with specialized salicylic acid, lipo fullerene, and panthenol inhibits sebum production and prevents inflammation in the skin. Clinical tests have shown that it increases skin hydration and reduces inflammation.

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