Revolutionary Brands Inc. Responds to Study That Reveals Link Between Vitamin B12 Excess and Skin Conditions

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Revolutionary Brands Inc. weighs in on research that reveals that an excess of vitamin B12 may lead to acne outbreaks.

Revolutionary Brands Inc. (, a seller and distributor of unique products throughout North America, is responding to a study linking an excess of vitamin B12 to skin conditions such as acne.
According to a study from the University of California, Los Angeles, individuals with high levels of vitamin B12 may be more susceptible to acne than others. The researchers, in an effort to determine what makes certain people more likely to develop acne, found indicators that vitamin B12 may play a role by disrupting a skin bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes. From there, they had 10 people with clear skin start taking vitamin B12. However, despite the extra consumption of the vitamin affecting how the genes in skin bacteria processed it, only one subject developed acne. (Source: Dotinga, R., "Could a Vitamin Play a Role in Acne Outbreaks?" WebMD, June 24, 2015;

"Even though this study's findings are preliminary, it does give hope to those suffering from acne and other skin blemishes," says Brett Lawson, owner of Revolutionary Brands Inc. "This means that researchers will potentially be able to develop medicine that can be used to clear acne."

It's still unclear why only one test subject developed acne and the researchers hope that further study will lead to an understanding of why certain people are predisposed to acne if their body contains too much vitamin B12. The study also found that certain genes could possibly influence acne development, which will also require further research.

"This doesn't mean that people who are suffering from acne breakouts should stop taking B12 supplements or stop consuming foods that contain the vitamin, such as dairy and shellfish" Lawson concludes. "Those who ingest a lot of vitamin B12 or take supplements and notice skin blemishes should consider cutting back. And if an outbreak has already occurred, an acne cream cream can help to clear it up."

Revolutionary Brands Inc.’s Nova C60 line offers creams to remove blemishes. The ingredients include salicylic acid and the Nobel Prize-winning fullerene, two compounds effective for fighting acne and other skin blemishes. For more information, visit

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