Revolutionary Brands Inc. Comments on Study Suggesting Stress Worsens Students’ Skins

Revolutionary Brands Inc. weighs in on research suggesting that high levels of stress in students worsen their skin conditions.

Revolutionary Brands Inc. (, a seller and distributor of unique products throughout North America, is commenting on a recent study that found that stress worsened skin conditions of students.

According to a study of 5,000 undergraduates at Philadelphia’s Temple University, students experiencing psychological stress were more likely to suffer from certain skin conditions, including oily, flaky, itchy, and dry skin. (Source: Brazier, Y., “Stress worsens skin woes for students,” Medical News Today, November 28, 2015;

“Stress causes changes to our hormone levels, and these are the same hormones that have an effect on our skin,” says Brett Lawson, owner of Revolutionary Brands Inc. “This is why skin conditions are most common during puberty because that’s when hormone levels are changing. Stress can have a very similar effect, which can result in what we consider poor skin.”

The students who suffered from “high” stress levels were significantly more likely to have problems with their skin compared to students who suffered from “low” or “moderate” levels. These same students were also more likely to suffer from hair loss and nail biting.

“It is no surprise that even the students with moderate levels of stress didn’t see a big impact on their skin,” says Lawson. “Stress serves a purpose, but it’s when it is constant or reaches extreme levels that it starts to have a big effect. It’s okay to be stressed out about a test, but when you’re consistently stressed about everything, you will see the impact on your skin.”

While stress was associated with skin conditions, the study didn’t find a link between stress and acne. The students with high levels of stress did not have any more pimples than their counterparts, which goes against common thinking.

“Those results are truly unexpected,” says Lawson. “There have been other studies which have found that stress does increase acne, so I think more research may need to be done to why that wasn’t found in this case.”

There are a number of factors that researchers have linked to emotions and acne. While this study confirmed that stress played a part in some skin conditions, environmental factors and genetics are also responsible for acne and other skin ailments.

“The stressed-out students did have oilier skin, which we know leads to acne,” notes Lawson. “So even if these students didn’t have more acne, I would suspect that they could be at a heightened risk of developing it later on.”

Stress is just one part of a bigger puzzle, and for some people, reducing stress may be enough to clear up skin. Techniques that can be effective for reducing stress include meditation, breathing exercises, and, in certain circumstances, counselling or therapy. However, Lawson also notes that there are a variety of factors that need to be addressed.

“If someone has problems with their skin, they need to have a daily skincare routine,” says Lawson. “A lot of these people are genetically inclined to have poor skin, so they really need to be moisturizing and cleansing their skin daily if they want to see any improvement. Salicylic acid has been proven to clear up acne, and ingredients like allantoin have been shown to improve skin hydration.”

The most important thing to take from the study, according to Lawson, is that our lifestyles are just as important as genetics when it comes to our skin’s health.

“Don’t expect any one thing to completely cure your skin condition,” says Lawson. “Instead, make little changes that will add up to have a positive effect. Reduce your stress, eat healthy, and use a few skincare products that have proven ingredients. That’s, by far, the most effective way to clear up your skin.”

Revolutionary Brands’ Nova C60 is a line of innovative skincare products that are formulated to repair and hydrate all skin types.

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