Revolutionary Brands Inc. Comments on Study Showing Antibiotics to be Ineffective for Acne Treatment

Revolutionary Brands Inc. weighs in on a study suggesting antibiotics are not effective in treating acne.

Revolutionary Brands Inc. (, a seller and distributor of unique products throughout North America, is weighing on a study which found that antibiotics were ineffective when used to treat acne.

Researchers from the New York University Langone Medical Center studied 137 patients who were prescribed antibiotics to treat their acne. The patients took the antibiotics for an average of 11 months before their doctors found them to be ineffective and switched them to other treatments. According to the researchers, antibiotics were not found to be effective for any of the patients studied. (Source: “Antibiotics for acne often ineffective and taken for too long,” CTV News web site, November 5, 2015;

“While bacteria is a component of acne, it’s not the only one, so it’s not surprising that antibiotics are ineffective a lot of the time,” says Brett Lawson, Owner of Revolutionary Brands Inc. “Antibiotics aren’t considered a very effective form of acne treatment, so this is likely a case where they are being overprescribed.”

Typically, antibiotics are not a common or popular acne treatment choice, but in the study, they were prescribed before more effective options had been tried. However, they are still being used more than they should be; as the study showed, a lot of dermatologists do use them as one of their treatments, though it ultimately isn’t making a difference for most patients.

For medical professionals, the study has raised concerns about antibiotics being overprescribed, which can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. With an average of 11 months of use, most of the patients were taking the antibiotics needlessly for an extended period of time.

“Another issue is that antibiotics can have other side effects and be quite a harsh treatment option,” Lawson adds. “It’s a treatment option that should only be pursued as an absolute last resort. Compared to many other acne treatments which can reduce or even cure acne, antibiotics can have serious side effects.”

Some of the most effective acne treatments are simple changes to daily lifestyle and skincare routines. Some people think that since antibiotics have to be prescribed, they’re more effective, but the study shows that to be untrue.

“Getting the right amount of sleep and eating a healthy diet are both important for anyone with acne. Proper skin care is also a necessary part of anyone’s routine,” Lawson concludes. “Lastly, along with cleansing and moisturizing the skin, people with acne should be using a topical skin cream. Ingredients like salicylic acid have been clinically proven to be effective on acne, unlike antibiotics, so a skin cream which uses it or other scientifically-proven ingredients should be part of their treatment regimen.”

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