Revohloo’s Decentralized Approach Will Allow Freedom of Expression for Artist Worldwide

Independent and established artists worldwide can leverage the decentralized platform of Revohloo and enjoy true freedom of expression.

Independent music careers have it the roughest because they must keep building, and it almost never stops. Handling the creative process all by oneself—from marketing, distribution, promotion, management, and everything in between—looks like a lot of work, and it indeed is. With other platforms, artists must consider peripheral social media concerns beyond the music like how many followers they have, whether their fans are engaging with their posts, whether the content appeals to all masses with the influence of big media hovering in the shadows, especially the platforms that will monetize them.

Revohloo founder Tracy Debarros explains, “It's important to note that Revohloo plans on taking a decentralized approach in development of our social network, and we will diligently enforce the individual and collective rights to free speech and artistic expression. Revohloo will be a free open space. A social network where anyone can post what they want, without the fear of being too afraid to express their true feelings. Now of course we must have basic community guidelines... But we also need the platform to be a place where people can express themselves honestly and openly without the fear of retribution and in doing so perhaps, we can inspire some real conversations and movements which result in actual social change for the better.

We're members of a community formerly called BitClout, it’s now DeSo, The Decentralized Social Network. What DeSo is building is not only pretty cool, but we believe they're actually creating value for creators, so naturally we want to bring some of that to Revohloo.”

Social media hierarchies have created a climate for artists where self-promotion does not stop with the creation of content but includes a checklist of items that will need to be fulfilled in order to gain omnipresence. The first item that Revohloo has addressed is the “red herring” in all platforms, which is user verification. Revohloo has taken a straightforward stance, allowing upcoming artists to provide standard identification, to gain that coveted “blue checkmark.”

As expressed by Tracy DeBarros, “I feel in many cases that algorithms can distort reality, based on key factors like number of followers, economic factors, and aligning content that shares the narrative of other social media platforms which tend to focus on variables other than music. There is a lot of pressure for artists and there are many kids being bullied on social media which goes back to the algorithms that determine which content gets shown… We’re not claiming we have the solution, but we are consciously taking a different approach!”

Revohloo's, COO Robbie Debarros commented, “Our whole approach to everything is always putting the artist first and keeping that at the forefront of our minds. The first thing we think of is will this create value for artists. I think that is going to be the thing that really propels us to a special place with artists moving forward.”

Tracy explained, “We’re building a unique space for music artists to be seen, their music to be heard, promote their materials, and connect with their fans globally.” Revohloo is a thriving platform that promises immense value for recording artists, music rights holders, advertisers, and fans. The platform is set to make music video entertainment more revolutionary with its patent-pending technologies.

With Revohloo, recording artists can not only further monetize their music videos, but they can also make them better and more engaging for their audiences to enjoy. With a big focus on increasing artists' revenue-earnings & creating new opportunities, its innovative features and products have made a noteworthy addition to the digital music space.
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