Reverse Diabetes Now Announces Pre-Diabetes Detox Program To Combat Types 1 and 2

New program halts harmful effects of condition and starts body on path to recovery.

According to Statistic Brain, 25.8 million Americans, or 8.3 percent of the country's population, suffer from diabetes. These same statistics show that non-Hispanic blacks are more likely to be diagnosed with this medical condition than those of other races and rates among Hispanics show Puerto Ricans are more likely than Cubans or Mexican Americans to receive this diagnosis. "No matter what one's race or ethnicity is, however, one can treat diabetes without the need for medications or other medical interventions thanks to Reverse Your Diabetes Today (," John Hunter, spokesperson for the website, declares.

Reversing diabetes requires one be willing to make lifestyle changes, changes that will benefit the body in numerous ways, not just in the elimination of diabetes symptoms. Users find, within three short weeks, their immune system becomes stronger, their quality of life improves, and the body looks and feels healthier. "Reverse Your Diabetes Today not only helps those interested in Reversing Prediabetes and type 2 diabetes, but also helps those suffering from type 1 diabetes by helping to improve the body's natural insulin production and lowering blood sugar levels," Hunter explains.

The prediabetes detox program halts the harmful effects of the disease while starting the body on the path to recovery. In addition to offering a detox program for those diagnosed with this condition, the program outlines a diet for those with prediabetes and explains the science which shows this disease is reversible. As Hunter explains, with the correct diet, exercise and healthy supplements, anyone can remove chemicals and toxins from the body to restore the system's natural balance and fight this serious disease. One must be willing to make certain changes in his or her life to achieve this goal, yet most find these steps to be worth it when they see the end results.

People frequently state the first symptom of their diabetes was an overpowering thirst, a thirst that remained no matter how much water they drank, which is understandable thanks to the connection between Water and Diabetes. Elevated blood glucose levels lead to this feeling of dehydration because high glucose levels lead to water being drawn from the tissues of the body. By taking in adequate levels of water, one can stabilize blood glucose levels, and many choose flavored waters, such as lemon or coconut water, to keep thirst at bay. "Water provides the body with many benefits, with stable blood glucose levels being just one most observe. With the help of Reverse Your Diabetes Today and Reversing Diabetes Now, patients discover they have the tools to control this disease or eradicate it completely, a nice change from constant monitoring and medications," Hunter proclaims.
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