Retirement Expert Mike Fiedler Discusses the Negative Impacts of Upcoming Changes to Social Security

Retirement expert Mike Fiedler, founder of Advocates for Retirement Readiness, discusses the important role of Social Security filing strategies in the financial planning arena. Recent government legislation is changing filing options for married couples that impacts the maximum amount a husband and wife can claim over their lifetime.

Fiedler’s company, Advocates for Retirement Readiness, focuses on helping people accomplish their retirement goals by leveraging the tax code frequently reserved only for millionaires, politicians, the largest corporations and the wealthiest people in the know. By combining his extensive knowledge of financial products and the tax code, combined with cutting edge financial software his company guarantees their clients, “A tax-free income they can never outlive in retirement.”

“When you hit 62, no one at the Social Security administration is going to tell you what all the options are,” says Fiedler, speaking from his office in St. Petersburg, Florida. “In fact, the government is legally forbidden to advise you on how to proceed. And with Social Security being so complicated, it leaves a lot of people confused about what to do next.”

A veteran of the financial planning industry, Mr. Fiedler advises clients to take a holistic approach to their retirement planning. Part of that approach includes a review of your personal situation, marital status, available financial assets, retirement goals, and general health. Based on the outcome of that assessment, he then devises a retirement income strategy focused on maximizing the size of a client’s lifetime Social Security benefit.

“You know, most people are worried social security is going to run out, or that they are going to die before they can get back what they put into it. But the REAL question they should be asking is, what if I live? Many people don’t realize that delaying their benefits by just a few years can increase their benefits by tens if not, hundreds of thousands dollars over their lifetime.”

When asked about the impacts of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, Fiedler’s response was candid. “You know, any time the government finds out people are able to use the system intelligently, use it to their advantage, and stay within the letter of the law, they work to change it. They want to pay you less over time, and this law helps them do exactly that. On April first of next year, married couples are going to have fewer strategic options to maximize the lifetime dollar benefits they receive from Social Security.”

Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff, a fellow industry professional and leading economist, agrees with Fiedler’s assessment. In his latest blog post, Kotlikoff says, “Congress is pulling the rug out from people’s retirement decisions.” He goes on to write, “The bill not only cuts benefits for people who are about to make their Social Security collecting decisions, but it also stops benefits that people are already collecting. This is an absolutely terrible precedent [to set].”

Mr. Fiedler’s final advice for anyone concerned about what these changes might mean to them is, “If they are even coming close to age 60, or recently filed for benefits themselves, they should consult a professional and act fast. If they wait too long, the door is going to close. And they’re going to lose a lot of money.”

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Mike Fiedler is the founder of Advocates for Retirement Readiness. He has been in the financial services business for over 25 years, and helped hundreds of people accomplish their retirement goals. By using his vast knowledge of financial products, and cutting edge financial planning software, Advocates for Retirement Readiness guarantees clients a tax-free income they can never outlive in retirement.

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