Resurgence Behavioral Health Riverside Offers The EarlySense System To Ensure Quality and Safer Care

As technology exponentially grows in healthcare systems, Resurgence Behavioral Health Riverside is proud to contribute to a higher safety and care level.

Resurgence Behavioral Health Riverside, a leading provider of addiction and mental health rehabilitation, announced that they would be a provider of an early warning solution for its Riverside addiction counseling center. With more than 20 years of experience in treating addiction and mental health problems in Riverside and across the country, Resergencue provides medical, detox, and home care that includes evidence-based therapy to ensure a well-rounded recovery.

Detox patients in rehabilitation are in a constant state of adaptation as their bodies adapt to new medications while experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Resergeunce operates residential centers in Orange County and Riverside and will help improve care by continuously monitoring its customers' health and well-being. The system will assist staff in tracking people on the detox floor and in the living area, updating patient status non-invasively, and detecting potential changes and deteriorations in the customer's health.

The technology will help customers stay healthy during their journey, ensure comfort and stability, and allow them to sleep peacefully. The EarlySense system is committed to providing clients with a supportive and comprehensive recovery so that employees can monitor their client's vital signs non-invasively and take action when needed.

As technology exponentially grows in healthcare systems, they are proud to contribute to a higher safety and care level.

EarlySense's system can also be used to oversee COVID-19 patients in the hospital or while in treatment. It allows medical experts to track critical data while also minimizing interactions and, therefore, potential infection.

Ultimately, the mission of EarlySense is to win the trust of our customers by making them feel safe throughout the recovery process and care. At Resurgence, we do not limit our recovery processes to advance our customers. Our clients' highest priority is to ensure a low ratio between staff and patients, which strengthens the individuality of the treatment. We believe in building strong relationships with our patients and their families that enable lasting and genuine relationships between our customers and ourselves.

EarlySense integrates a continuous monitoring solution to monitor the patient's blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, and blood sugar levels.

The EarlySense system collects essential information from the patient and stores it in a database for future references. The Early Sense system, used in hospitals and acute care facilities worldwide, helps caregivers detect potential adverse events early, including codebreaker events that lead to removing a patient from a hospital or other intensive care unit, such as an emergency room visit.

EarlySense is based in Ramat Gan, Israel, and Woburn, Massachusetts; for more information, please visit The company has been a leading global technology company in health monitoring for over 30 years.

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