Resurgence Behavioral Health Discusses Dry January in 2021

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Resurgence Behavioral Health offers alcohol treatment that focuses on comprehensive Care In a relaxed, safe, and residential environment

Anyone who uses alcohol will confirm that it can be challenging to cut the "sauce." Indeed, alcohol is so ingrained in American culture that non-drinkers are likely to experience some form of exclusion if they do not behave in a social environment where alcohol is at the heart of it.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, each client and their loved one will be working with some of the most professional and highly trained addiction specialists in the country. Clients will be walked through the admission process, step-by-step to put their minds at ease.

With more and more low-alcohol alternatives coming onto the market, leading to a refreshed social norm for sober millennials and sobering genes, there has never been a better time to consider a hangover-free lifestyle. So consider approaching the 2021 new goal with a healthy dose of self-confidence and a clear understanding of the benefits of sober living. Below is a list of everything you need to know before embarking on a sober adventure, including tips and tricks, as well as a few tips for the first months of sober living.

Alarmingly, alcohol is also blamed for more than half of all health problems in the UK, according to Alcohol Change, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, depression, and mental health problems. A Kantar study has found that the number of people with alcohol problems and subsequent alcohol abuse has risen by 22% over the past decade, with health experts warning that this could lead to a new health crisis. With 586,780 dependent drinkers surveyed in 2017 / 18, we found a more moderate alcohol consumption approach.

The first official "Dry January" was introduced in 2013, more than 4,300 people committed to not drinking alcohol for a month. In 2017, that number rose to more than five million, so what is a dry January?
Enthusiasm is the order of the day here, and people in the United States have also pledged to participate. This year the number is down because some people have already given up alcohol in previous years.

The elixir that society prefers to take is easier said than done, but it changes almost every aspect of your life for the better, and saving money is just a welcome bonus. It takes time to develop a lifestyle that allows zero-tolerance alcohol and pay for better health and well-being.

Additionally, alcohol abuse can lead to temporary low sex drive: Women suffer from diminished lubrication, find it harder to get orgasms, and have difficulty getting and maintaining an erection. Women have less intense orgasm.

Alcohol causes dilation of blood vessels in the skin, which results in redness of the complexion and a certain "redness" of the appearance. Likewise, alcohol leads to dehydration, leaving the skin dull and lifeless. On a drinking challenge, YouTuber Leon Sylvester explains: 'When you drink a lot of water and stop drinking alcohol, your skin returns to its natural state, and you start to reduce wrinkles and blemished skin.

What's An Alcohol Rehab?

Resurgence alcohol treatment starts with specialists skilled in addiction medicine responsible for a patient's health in general. A thorough evaluation is carried out to determine the stage and severity of the illness and determine any additional psychiatric, interpersonal, or social problems. As patients react to treatment, a thorough and continuous plan is created, implemented, and adapted.

Once an individual has a stable recovery in an inpatient or outpatient setting, Resurgence Behavioral Health medical professionals will remain available to provide and refer patients and their families with the appropriate care.

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