Restylane REFYNE and DEFYNE come to The LABB

The Botox LABB is one of the first offices in the United States to offer Restylane's newest dermal filler REFYNE and DEFYNE.

Danielle Smith NP-C Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner and Co-Founder of LABB Aesthetic Beauty Bar in Miami Beach, Florida is proud to announce The LABB as one of the first offices in the United States to offer Restylane’s newest dermal filler REFYNE and DEFYNE. LABB Aesthetic Beauty Bar is a wholly owned subsidiary of Joey New York. “Galderma choose us as a strategic partner to help them role-out the newest addition to their portfolio” says Joey Chancis, Co-Founder and CEO of Joey New York, OTC:JOEY.

Galderma, the pharmaceutical company behind injectables like Restylane, Sculptra, and Dysport, recently announced the FDA approval of two new fillers: Restylane REFYNE and DEFYNE. The first was approved to treat moderate wrinkles and folds around the mouth and chin, while the latter is meant to plump and fill deeper-set lines. Both Restylane REFYNE and DEFYNE have been studied to last up to 12 months.

Dermal fillers work to plump wrinkles and folds, but what makes Restylane REFYNE and DEFYNE so special? They have shown to provide much more natural looking results than what was previously thought possible. These natural results are a direct result of the Flexibility of the product. Galderma preformed ground breaking clinical trials to measure the “Xstrain” or “flexibility” that make Restylane REFYNE and DEFYNE so unique.

“The best aspect of Restylane REFYNE and DEFYNE is the ability to correct wrinkles and areas of volume loss without distorting patients natural expressions.” Says Smith. “Many of my patients come in looking for preventive or corrective treatment but the biggest concern is they want to keep their natural expressions. They want to look like themselves, just better, more youthful and refreshed.” Shares Smith. Restylane REFYNE and DEFYNE are the first fillers available designed specifically with that intent in mind.

Restylane REFYNE and DEFYNE are still composed of the same great Hyaluronic Acid (HA) as Restylane, but this time Galderma increased the cross linking. The cross linking of the molecule directly affects the G’ (G Prime or lifting power) of the molecule. In the case of Restylane REFYNE the cross linking is at 6% which makes it more adaptable for softer more superficial layers; whereas Restylane DEFYNE has 8% cross linking which makes it ideal for deeper layers requiring more support and projection. This new technology is called XpresHAn.

LABB Aesthetic Beauty Bar is an injectables only medical practice designed to cater to the convenience of the patient and optimize value. The LABB has 2 full time locations in Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale with our Supervising Plastic Surgeons Dr. Michael Cheung and Dr. Christopher Low with Cosmetic and Plastic Reconstructive Specialist of Florida.

LABB Aesthetic Beauty Bar also has a Pop-up location in Daytona Beach, FL and Williams Island in Aventura, FL.

For more information on Restylane REFYNE and DEFYNE visit us at The LABB in Miami Beach & Fort Lauderdale, FL or call 305-783-7001, or visit us online at

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