Respondo Launches Revolutionary Video Discussion App

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Australian startup creates unique Reply to Reply™ technology, with short-form video discussions, video commenting and video conversations

Respondo, a revolutionary video discussion and conversation app, has launched. Created by Kadva Korp, an Australian startup, the app enables users to hold discussions using videos, which the company calls, Reply to Life™. In this way, Respondo is akin to Twitter or Reddit, with a look inspired by Instagram and a user experience comparable to that of WhatsApp. The app features short-form video conversations with a unique Reply to Reply™ feature that enables users to engage with one another interactively through the unique medium of video.

“Ours is the first and only App in the world that allows users to reply to any post or reply across the hive of conversations taking place on Respondo in video,” explained Kayo Kadva, who co-created the app and co-founded Kadva Korp with his brother, Kersi Kadva. “A user can reply to anybody in the App totally via video. This functionality is designed for the new generation of digital natives. Video is like a language for people today. It’s a natural, intuitive way of communicating for us. That’s the magic the app captures and a medium of interaction that we continue to enhance in the Respondo app”

Respondo’s interface includes a feed of videos that allows users to see posts from other users that cover topics like People-to-People day to day conversations or discuss the news, events, entertainment, sport or other interesting life events from across the world. Users can learn, communicate and express their views and opinions about things or places, like news event or a simple workout or health tips and so forth. “It’s a place to make new friends while you’re engaging with the world,” Kayo Kadva explained. “Find authentic connections or solve problems with collective advice…. And do it all with video.”

Each app user gets to create his or her own profile on the app. Users can then start or join video conversations by posting a new topic or responding to video posts on anything within the Respondo Social Video Network. "You can become a popular Respondo People Connector," Kersi Kadva added.

Respondo seeks user participation in building a conversation community that generates positive social imagination.

Respondo is available worldwide on the Apple Store and Google Play.

About Kadva Korp.
Kadva Korp, the maker of the Respondo app, is an Australian startup founded by two brothers, Kayo and Kersi Kadva. They are serial entrepreneurs, whose earlier ventures include a Sydney Design Award-winning cookware product, the Papadum Express a world first, and, the world’s first Business Video Directory. They live in the suburb of Liverpool in Sydney, Australia.

For more information, visit Respondo App creation date: June, 2019.

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