Researcher Discovers A Scientific Path To Eternal Life

Larry is a proud member of the African-American community and was born and raised in the ghettos of New Orleans. He is the founder and owner of Self-Preservation Triangle and has a Ph.D. in Cosmic Law, Engineering, & Philosophy.

Resolute scientist and researcher, Larry D. Bluford, Sr has dedicated more than 40 years in the pursuit of developing a credible scientific path to eternal life and after four decades of tireless research, he has finally discovered the worlds' first "Technological Formula" that works 100% on paper and will be used to develop a "Fountain of Youth Vaccine".

This age-reversing vaccine will spread agents throughout the human body that will work around the clock repairing weak and damaged cells 24/7 and keeping users healthy and youthful as it physically and mentally transforms them into looking, feeling, and being the best they can possibly be as the process of aging ends forever.

"It's been said, he who has the gold makes the rules and I have tons of never-before-seen knowledge that will be converted into gold and I will share it with those willing to invest a small amount of money per person with me so I can create a vaccine that will allow members to not only avoid death but also gain financial wealth." - Larry D. Bluford, Sr.

Larry further added: "To get the necessary funding to purchase the ingredients for the formula, I'm starting a worldwide Biological Immortality Club that will have Members Only access to the vaccine when it becomes available in 2 to 3 years or less."

The "Technological Formula" is currently on paper and to proceed forward with the vaccine's development, testing, and production phase, Larry is calling out to individuals and groups to join his international Biological Immortality Club as a founding member. He explained that members will play an integral part in the progress and survival of the Biological Immortality Club movement, plus allow him to keep the power in the hands of members, and not in the hands of rich investors, pharmacies, and corporations who will use the vaccine for world control and personal gain.

A Biological Immortality Club membership also comes with access to a wide range of benefits to members including: Exclusive first-come-first serve access to the vaccine, increasing equity in member accounts, regular monthly meetings held worldwide where the best ideas and suggestions going forward will be exchanged, plus exclusive insider access to ground floor business, employment, and investment opportunities. Future access to the best hospitals and health services in the world for members are in the immediate plans.

"There's a new fact in the world...for the first time ever we've reached the point in history where we can now achieve anything." Larry D. Bluford, Sr.

The $250 annual membership fee and $25/month for dues will never increase for the first 1 million founding members. Interested individuals and groups are encouraged to become a Biological Immortality Club member at their earliest convenience.

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