Research Show Coping with Addiction is Easier with a Pet

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Coping with Addiction is Easier with a Pet, and a site that is solely dedicated to helping those in need known as is placing people and their furry loved ones in rehabs.

During a time of uncertainty and struggle, some are also fighting substance abuse. Experts at are making sure people know their options when it comes to attending drug rehab and their pets.

Remember that it is up to the owner and their loving attitude to take responsibility for keeping your pets out of reach of their paraphernalia. Animals are naturally curious, and many people can tell you how many of their pets have been destroyed by their addiction to drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and tobacco.

The life of a dependent spouse is difficult and heartbreaking. While a sober spouse may maintain the house, the extra responsibility for a pet can be overwhelming.

When all the housework and food management is on one person, someone can easily be overwhelmed, and living with an addict often means cleaning and caring for him, as other sufferers would.

Nevertheless, it is not unusual or impossible for an animal owner to react violently to his pet's basic needs. There are many examples of people living off drug and alcohol addiction, but the neglect of pets is a bigger problem than pets' abuse. While neglect itself is abusive, the abuse rate tends to be higher among people living with addicts.

Given what is going on in the minds of a person with a growing addiction, it is easy to see how pets can suffer when they have an owner who lives with addiction. At some point, the owner's life often revolves around satisfying the desire for higher values. This can make the situation even more complicated for pets, and because of outbreaks that pets are exposed to, they often do not get the care they need when a spouse needs to care for them.

Keeping the family alive for a spouse struggling with drug addiction means many people lose hope of divorce, which is a potentially complicated situation for children and pets.

A parent with addiction almost certainly loses the custody dispute, and the animal's life is changed forever. Children may be able to take responsibility for caring for a pet, but that is not always realistic. Older children are likely to be helpful but less reliable when dealing with depression or experiencing difficulties in home life. If your pet's owner is addicted to drugs or alcohol, children can be a tangible benefit.

Depending on the severity of the addiction, your child may have the strength and concentration they need to take care of their pets.

They may also be affected by pets belonging to a drug or alcohol addict. The effects drugs can have on a family can have a severe impact on anyone you love and their impact on the family.

Living with addiction can also cause serious health problems for your pet, mostly if it lives in an area with high drug use. Contact helpline for more information and resources.

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Name: Rehabs that Allow pets
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Organization: Rehabs that Allow pets
Address: 4231 Balboa Avenue #1125 San Diego, CA 92117