RepWarn: A New Form Of Online Reputation Management System Has Been Released

Reputation management is the crucial factor that every business requires with the growing popularity of review sites and social media. Based on that, Walt Bayliss from Hydrogen Inc. has created RepWarn Software.

Every business knows how important it is to keep track of what people think and say about them on the Internet, social networks. When someone mentions the business especially reviews or blogs posts, business owner can record and react right away. That is the core of reputation management.

However, the problem strikes here is that most of the situations are too late. The damage has been done and badly affected the business. Businesses do not wish for a service that warns them of bad reviews a week too late, far outside the window of opportunity for action.

That is why Walt Bayless came back this time with his new online reputation management system named RepWarn Software. The product gives online business the ability to find bad reviews over the clock, take control of the mayhem situation, turn what could have been a PR nightmare into a massive coup thereby deliver more revenues and more reliable customers.

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Justin King, General Manager from Saffire-Freycinet Hotel and Resort and also a past user of RepWarn stated: “In hospitality - reputation is everything. At Saffire we hold the title as voted as the best luxury boutique in the world. That doesn't come easily. Now with Repwarn, we are able to monitor and interact with any of our guests or Press that are referencing the resort in any media on the web.”

RepWarn software is the invaluable SaaS that empowers businesses with the ability to instantly detect and react with bad reviews within minutes and save their reputations; all are on 100% autopilot.

RepWarn soft provides reputation management up-to-date and pro-active. The tool makes the process totally automatic. Some of its contributions worth mentioning are:

People can use the software by putting in the keywords they want to keep tabs on, like their brand name, their company, their kept personnel and even their competition. RepWarn scours the deep web, leaving no stone unturned so that whenever someone mentions their keyword – whether it is in social network post, review, blog post or Tweet – they get notified directly with the comment text and a direct link to the post, both via email or straight to their IOS or Android device. So they get to take action immediately, following a hot lead or defusing a poor review.

Besides, people can discover the hottest leads before anyone else: Set RepWarn to hunt for people asking their friends about their service.

Spy on competition: Just input the competitor’s brand, company or product to find out what people are saying about them online and what people like.

Run sniper-precise affiliate campaigns. All people have to do is to find a good evergreen product, then search for keywords related to the problem it solves. When RepWarn finds out a lead, its users can leap into the conversation with the recommendation and affiliate link.

More powerful feature of Repwarn app can be found on their official site when click in here.

Moreover, its multi-purpose function also helps users not only to use it to protect the reputation. It also can be resold. People who wish to become a RepWarn software’s reseller can have the whole business where Bayliss will support the service, while the reseller only needs to promote and sell the product to others.

Also comes along with the reseller’s rights is tons of ready-made sales material for newbie such as Premium presell to whip your leads into a frenzy, Offline marketing tools to pull in buyers, Pre-made email follow-ups, Pre-made graphics and advertising templates and Webinar recordings.

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