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Reputation Giant helps squash online damage caused by unwarranted complaints and malicious slander

The past twenty years have seen the rapid growth of business websites, and commercial promotions over social media. These developments have generated amazing business and professional service opportunities, yet at the same time they also provide a means to rapidly destroy a firm, or an individual’s good name. Sometimes an angry customer might believe they are doing a public service when they post their dissatisfaction with a certain product or business, while at other times the intent is simply malicious.

The speed with which negative publicity is now circulated and its wide reach causes untold damage. Even if the aggrieved party is compensated or appeased, many times, the damage is not undone. It takes a major effort to squash negative online results and involves much more than simply denying an allegation in a critical customer review or social media posts.

Repairing a damaged reputation demands a professional and experienced solution but the average firm or individual lacks the knowledge and abilities to create an effective repair campaign. For these reasons, the victims of online maligning are increasingly seeking the expert online reputation repair service provided by Reputation Giant.

Reputation Giant’s Online Reputation Repair Service
The Reputation Giant team has acquired a deep appreciation of the problems businesses and private people face when confronted with an online assault on their good name. Using their advanced understanding of how the web works and drawing on their extensive case work experience, they have developed successful methodologies to squash negative results online.

Yale Lipschik, a leading member of the Reputation Giant team, explains their mission as follows; “We set up Reputation Giant to help businesses, professionals, job applicants and anyone else suffering from damaging information circulating online. Through careful management of social media accounts and developing customized repair packages, Reputation Giant succeeds in undoing the damage caused by negative online reviews and comments, and helps clients rebuild a positive personal and commercial online presence.”

A recent case shows the efficacy of using a professional service to repair a damaged online reputation. Janet W runs a dental clinic in a big city and has works hard provide the best customer service of all her competitors. A key source of new business comes through referrals from satisfied patients. When a patient started making inaccurate negative comments about the clinic over social media Janet was very concerned about the damage it could cause to her business. She turned to Reputation Giant for help, and was delighted to discover that they were able to quickly squash these negative comments about the clinic and replace them with positive messages about the clinic’s services.

No firm or individual wants to be in a situation where they need a service to repair their online reputation, but when they are, they look for a giant in reputation management.

About Reputation Giant
Reputation Giant was founded by a group of attorneys, SEO experts and professional content developers to help level the playing field between businesses and customers. We help businesses gain control over their online reputations by promoting a more positive and accurate image of the company or professional and we help individuals squash negative content, images, social media comments, and videos by creating strategically placed content that ranks high in search engine results placement. Unlike some other companies Reputation Giant doesn’t refer you to an outside law firm if you have a complex situation that can’t be resolved through traditional methods. Our attorneys stand ready to assist you with legal communications, legal filings, and even lawsuits and injunctions. Call now to learn more about Reputation Giant and how you can Squash Negative Search Results. 1-844-88-GIANT.

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