Reputation Loop Releases Reputation Management Software for Improved Reputation Management

Reputation Loop, a Phoenix, Arizona-based company which focuses on consumer feedback as a source of brand management, has announced the availability of their reputation management software. This tool is being implemented for an intelligent review routing system which is meant to increase social sharing and brand promotion. They have said the following regarding the reason this software was created:

"The platform was built to create a "hands-off" approach for business owners, allowing them to focus on their company and customers. To achieve this goal, we are constantly innovating, upgrading, and automating our services and processes."

Reputation Loop, reports having more than fifteen years of experience in the marketing and small business industry, and promotes their understanding of what it takes for entrepreneurs and small businesses to make it in their chosen fields. The accounts created are protected with a secure layered firewall and cloud technology, which the company has ensured will keep business information safe, while still providing fast, convenient service.

The company, with website at, bases its system on their ability to "gather customer feedback and turn it into 5-star reviews online." They have stated that they will do all of the hard work for the business that utilize their services by automating a follow-up with customers which then generates feedback for websites and other marketing tools. The feedback is taken from different reviews posted online, which are then combined into a dashboard for future consumers to read. The company has been quoted in expressing how this software has helped to evolve the world of reputation management by saying:

"Reputation Loop was born from the necessity to automate our manual process required for our own consulting business. Prior to Reputation Loop, business owners manually requested feedback from customers via a review card."

Companies using the Reputation Loop software will be notified of new updates to their feedback dashboards by e-mail or SMS in real time so that new reviews never go unnoticed. The programming of this software allows only positive reviews to be posted automatically to the website dashboard. Negative reviews are rerouted to the business being rated so that they have the ability to consult with the consumer and rectify any problems that may have occurred without making it visible for potential clients to see poor reviews.

Another feature of Reputation Loop's reputation management software includes the ability to share this automated feedback through a variety of social media networks including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. New users can start a $1 trial for thirty days, which provides a single location license that can be cancelled at any time, while a standard membership is $97 per month.

Reputation Loop encourages new and existing users to visit the company blog and take advantage of the $1 trial if their form of brand and reputation management seems appealing.


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