Repossession Stoppers Pleased to Help Homeowners Right up to Time of Eviction

In the UK people who fall behind on mortgage payments and cannot catch up may have their taken away from them.

Repossession Stoppers is a specialist website that gives free impartial repossession and house selling advice to homeowner.s facing repossession proceedings. Repossession Stoppers employ experts who they say are, “friendly and very knowledgeable in all areas of the home repossession process and the law”.

On their how to stop a repossession page Repossession Stoppers detail 7 proven methods to stop a repossession, The website suggests that homeowners can either pay their mortgage arrears in full, repay the arrears over time, pay as much of their mortgage as they can, sell their property and buy a cheaper one (if there is a large amount of equity in the property they maybe able to buy their next property with no mortgage), sell the property and then rent it back, re-mortgage the property or raise the finances to sell via an estate agent.

Having a property repossessed can be very detrimental to the homeowners credit file. A repossession will show on the homeowners credit report for at least 6 years, this black mark will affect their ability to not just get a mortgage but any other forms of credit in the future. Even after the 6 year period any future credit applications may ask if the homeowner has had a home repossessed. Any mortgage shortfalls from the sale of the property can also be claimed within six years, five in Scotland.

Besides advice Repossession Stoppers also provide a professional and reliable service for people looking to sell their house in a cash only transaction. Selling the property for cash guarantees a quick sale, there will be no estate agent commission or solicitors fees to pay. Repossession Stoppers even offer a sell and rent back service so anyone struggling with their mortgage doesn't even have to move.

The Repossession Stoppers sale and rent back scheme is FSA (Financial Services Authority) approved, Repossession Stoppers don't just buy houses they can buy any type of property in England and Wales. Repossession Stoppers say their scheme gives the homeowner all the advantages of selling without having to move from their home, no removal, estate agent or solicitor fees will need to be paid. Homeowners can even enjoy the security of a secured tenancy agreement for a minimum five year period.

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