Reports of Celebrity using Snail Serum Beauty Products as BIOCUTIS Launches In Europe

Coinciding with reports that actress Katie Holmes is a huge fan of using snail serum in the bid to improve her skin condition, US market leader BIOCUTIS® is launching its 100% natural snail serum skin care range in Europe.

Snail serum has long been credited with improving the appearance of skin by softening and hydrating it, reducing wrinkles, and repairing sun damage and scarring. Accounts of Katie Holmes using snail serum products to improve her complexion have said that she is happy with how smooth her skin is looking. The benefits of using snail serum in natural skin care products is being rediscovered and celebrated by people all over the world.

Snail serum extracted from the common garden snail (Helix Aspersa Müller) has been shown to act to restore the biochemical, structural and functional processes in human skin. The serum was shown to have regenerative properties in a study published by the staff at the Dermatology Service of The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center of New York.

All BIOCUTIS® skin care treatments are formulated using the snail serum and other 100% natural ingredients, which work together to rejuvenate and remove all signs of stress and damage to the skin. Improved skin condition is achieved over time as the complex snail serum works within the skin's own biological structure to effectively clean, repair and regenerate damaged, dull and dead skin cells.

Skin is the body’s largest organ, acting for our bodies as a protective barrier against the harsh environment surrounding us. Human skin cells have a life-cycle of 28 days. During this time, they are exposed to damage from poor skin care regimens, the sun and environment and also from injury and trauma, all of which have a detrimental effect on skin condition. BIOCUTIS® 100% natural skin care products are unique in that they are scientifically developed with snail serum to address not just the symptoms of poor skin condition but specifically to address the root causes underlying those conditions which include among others; skin showing signs of ice-pick acne scars and keloid scarring, acne, sensitive, dry or aging skin.

BIOCUTIS® products are considered by many to be the best snail serum based skin care products on the market for the treatment of poor skin condition resulting from dry, damaged, aging, sensitive or scarred skin. BIOCUTIS® has become an American market leader, celebrating its success in the number of women and men who no longer feel the necessity to cover up their bad skin condition with make-up or other products. Working with the skins own biological structures over its life-cycle, deep within the skin layers as well as on the skin surface, BIOCUTIS® skin care products effectively regenerate and repair damaged cells. The enzymes present in snail serum break down damaged skin cells preventing pores from becoming blocked with excess or trapped sebum, the skin’s natural hydrator. By efficiently cleaning the skin and supporting its life-cycle of biological processes, BIOCUTIS® skin care solutions are most effective over a 1-2 month period.

"The simple and only measure of success for any skin care regimen is that feeling of absolute happiness and lasting confidence in going make-up free and allowing the natural beauty of healthy, youthful looking skin be seen by all around you!” says BIOCUTIS® owner Humberto del Pozo. Evidently snail serum was used to treat burns and other skin traumas during the time of Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine. The general public have been slow to consider snail serum as an acceptable ingredient in their regular skin care products, even though snails are readily accepted as a fine delicacy in restaurants around the world.

Awareness and acceptance of snail serum beauty products in celebrity circles, is bringing with it a more widespread acceptance of snail serum skin care products by consumers around the world. For over 20 years, BIOCUTIS® has been to the forefront of snail serum research. From developing a harmless injury-free method of extracting the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant serum from live snails on its own snail farms, right through listening to customer feedback, to expanding its product range to address the specific skin conditions of its customers. Already successful in NorNorth and South America, and in response to growing demand from European consumers, is being launched to bring BIOCUTIS® 100% natural skin care products to the UK and European market.

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