Report Reveals Why Snore Guard or Puresleep Snoring Aids Might Not Work

MedReviews, a consumer reviews website published out a report titled "Top 3 reasons your snoring mouthpiece will not work for you".

MedReviews, a consumer reviews website published out a report titled "Top 3 reasons your snoring mouthpiece will not work for you".

The report focuses on the working mechanisms of the dental snoring devices or mandibular advancement devices (MAD).

Matthew Adkins, product reviewer at MedReviews commented that their research consistently shows that tongue alignment snoring mouthpiece or a micro-adjustable snoring device is always a better option than any of the jaw alignment device or chin straps. Recently there have been some consumer surveys on snoring solutions and treatments that have also reinforced this statement.

Matthew Adkins says "What most people having snoring or moderate sleep apnea issue don't realize that their snoring might be caused by both jaw and tongue misalignment. Products like Snore Guard or Pure Sleep work by forwarding your jaw bone slightly, clearing your airway and allowing air to pass through resulting in the elimination of your snoring, that is, only if you do so due to your jaw alignment. If your snoring is due to other underlying snoring problem then the product might not fix your snoring."

Key elements of their report on snoring products involve the following:-

1). Mouthguards with older or obsolete designs don't usually provide the same level of comfort that a tongue holding mouthpiece can provide. If the material does not seem to be made from the super comfy BPA free materials, people should definitely avoid it. Comfort is a crucial factor in product design because it is difficult to sleep wearing an uncomfortable snoring mouthpiece.

2). Closely look at the clinical trials that the company might be boasting of. For example, The Snore Guards website has some pretty compelling Clinical Trial headlines splashed about, with the super bold figures of a 99% success rate for stopping your snoring. Clinical Findings of the actual supporting trials suggest that the Clinical Trial conducted in 1995 did indeed see a result of 99%. However combined Clinical Trials note that the results dropped way below the 99% so, it's not so exciting.

3). In case of custom-fit or custom molded stop-snoring mouthpieces like PureSleep, ensure that the "mold" lasts long. Although PureSleep comes with three settings, you cannot adjust it anymore once the device has been molded to your teeth. There is no room for mistakes during preparation. Besides it has been reported that the device loses shape quite fast and that reheating the mouthpiece does not fix it. Micro-adjustable snoring mouthpieces are better solutions for snoring relief than such custom molded ones.

4). Read real user reviews. While the mouthpiece like PureSleep might be designed according to sound principle which is proven to work, many users have reported that it is uncomfortable to wear and that it does not last long. Considering the real user reviews which are slanted toward negative, it is best to take other brands into account. There are better alternative devices  to PureSleep and Snore Guard.

Matthew Adkins further comments "Our rigorous testing of all these products have led us to believe that cheap solutions are not worth the hassle. Consumers will only waste their time and money. A good snoring product should come equipped with features and technology ensuring optimum efficiency and user comfort and should have a track record of safe and effective usage with no or minimal adverse effects being reported by a patient."

People can read what products secured the top spot in MedReviews' list of the best anti snoring mouthpieces based on ease of use and comfort, efficiency, features, user ratings, and price.

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