Report Highlights a Better Option for Elderly Care

A Live-In Care Hub Report reveals why live-in care is a better alternative to a residential care home for the elderly.

Research by the Live-In Care Hub, a not-for-profit organisation committed to raising the quality of elderly care, has revealed that 95% of elderly people would rather stay in their own homes than move to a residential care home when they become unable to care for themselves.

The “Better At Home” report also revealed that 81 per cent of those with a live-in carer felt they could have all the food and drink they want when they want, compared to just 66 per cent in residential care homes. The report further revealed that 33 per cent of those in residential care never leave the home, compared with just 21 per cent being cared for at home.

Quality of life for the elderly is enriched by the freedom they have when cared for in their own home: freedom to have a favourite meal, watch TV when they want or be with a much-loved pet. Live-in care provides a less restrictive environment for the elderly and frail.

With all the disturbing stories recently being reported in the press about the quality of residential care homes it is clear that good alternatives are required and the Live-In Care Hub’s vision to enlighten everyone on the benefits of live-in care is more important than ever for the health and well-being of our elderly population.

Dominique Kent, Joint Founder of the Live-In Care Hub, commented “We are here to guide families in an honest, impartial way through all their options for elderly care. We offer a care alternative that challenges the traditional view that care homes are the only answer for elderly people unable to care for themselves anymore. Our Better At Home Report reveals that care in their own home is preferable for almost all elderly people. Our mission is to raise awareness of live-in care as a better alternative to a care home through this report and through our website, which offers practical tips, advice and support to those seeking elderly care for themselves or a relative.”

The Live-In Care Hub’s Better At Home Report is available to view or download from their website.

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