ReplyTap - A Brand New Product Comes With Useful Tools Allowing Website Owners To Enhance The Quality Of Service

There is no doubt that making the best product is not sufficient to boost productivity. To get the desired income as well as attract new customers, marketers must make an attempt to find the right strategy to offer customers the best service.

Thanks to Internet development, trade becomes easier. As a result, marketers can run their business right on the website, and their customers just need to visit the websites and purchase whatever they like. However, everything has its pros and cons, and online business is no exception. Before deciding to buy any item on the website, visitors always want to know thoroughly about it. Unfortunately, marketers cannot place everything on their site, and this will make their visitors get confused about the product without answers. To help marketers resolve this problem, a new product called ReplyTap has been created.

ReplyTap is a next generation customer service solution that helps users achieve success in dealing with customer by offering their clients outstanding service. This product comes with build-in text, audio, video chat tool that enables users to broadcast messages to all visitors at the same time. By taking some action, customers’ needs can be met promptly.

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With this product, marketers can reduce their stress relating to customer service. Because once their customers need any further information about the product or ask for some advice, marketers will be available to respond them right away. Instead of letting customers get confused and fumble around on the website to looking for some support. After installing ReplyTap, marketers can have a chat based widget on their site in two phases: the landing pages and membership area which enable marketers to connect to their prospective clients and give them full information and solutions for their queries. This is also a chance to hold their hands and convince them that it is a trustworthy product.

Here are some benefits which marketer can get:

• Multipurpose chat widget: The gadget in the Members' area simplifies the procedure from 'Purchase Now' to 'Checkout’. Now the customers can undoubtedly raise their questions in the chat gadget and get the reply without having to wait so long.
• Audio calling: Prospective clients would like to get responses as fast as possible. Thus, rather than giving contact numbers on the website, this item allows making a video call to make it easier than usual for clients. What will be clarified in ten messages over talk might be clarified in 20 seconds over a call.
• Broadcast messages: Users can have an opportunity to send the same message to all of the visitors to their site by just a click.
• Video calling: A powerful tool that helps users offer their clients a better customer service.
• Co-browsing features: This feature will help visitors when they feel confused about the procedure. At that time, they send website owner a request to share screens so that they can figure out the entire process.

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A recent study shows that only 5 percent of increasing customer retention can generate approximately 25 to 95 percent of income. According to Saurabh Bhatnagar, a happy user of ReplyTap “My customers are so happy now since I have installed ReplyTap for all our support needs. The audio calling & video calling feature is simply outstanding! A gentle goodbye to all my previous support software, thanks to ReplyTap."

In short, ReplyTap is a wise decision for those who want to improve their quality of customer service.

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