Reorgg Fitness Releases Online Training Service For Covid Times

Scott Evans, founder of the premium online tactical coaching service, Reorgg Fitness, has launched a new training service for Covid times. This program aims to help men of 40+ regain their physical competence and confidence.

Reorgg Fitness, a Birmingham-based fitness coaching team, has announced that they are launching a new online training service, designed to help men improve their physical condition even under the constraints of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This regime of training exercises is designed for and targets men of 40+ who are looking to regain their old levels of fitness while restoring a dedicated and disciplined mindset.

The program is designed from the bottom up to address the needs of the average man, including the physical work, the mental focus, and the discipline all needed to help them regain their physical strength. However, aside from conditioning the body, it also aims to condition the mind so that clients can turn the lessons that they learn into lifelong habits that can sustain a healthy life for years to come.

The program starts with a free 5-day series, including 3 over-simplified hacks to help men find their way back onto the path of physical fitness, competence, and confidence. These videos include simple but effective challenges that allow men to gain more energy, more focus, and the positivity that sets them up for success.

From there, the program includes a range of tools and tips to help men. This includes a custom built-exercise program and meal plan, as well as a members app that allows members to access their program, exercise videos, and schedule at any time. The app also connects them to a dedicated coach to discuss progress as well as expert support when they need it. There are three levels of each program, each designed to help men with different aims, but all of them able to help them improve their physical and mental condition.

Reorgg Fitness is a fitness program developed by Scott Evans, a licensed coach with a history of 10 years in the British military as a Paratrooper in the 16 Air Assault Brigade, who has brought what he learned in military conditioning to help men regain their physical fitness and mental fortitude needed to maintain it.

To learn more about Reorgg Fitness, the new online training service, and how the program can help men of all fitness levels, visit

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