Rent Appeal Property Management Focuses on Streamlining a Complex Industry

Rent Appeal is a property management specialist in Atlanta setting a trend of efficient, cloud-based workflow.

Owning property is one of the oldest and surest investment opportunities. Additionally, renting property can provide years of residual income while the property appreciates in value over time. So, why aren’t more people taking advantage of this age-old opportunity? The obvious answer is the burden of managing the rental process. Vetting a qualified tenant and maintaining everything in good working order is a major time-consumer. Additionally, simple mistakes could lead to lost income or even costly legal actions. In the wrong hands, the potential for risk is high.

Rent Appeal is a property management service that was designed from conception to simplify the investor’s role and eliminate stress and costly mistakes. With an intentionally small portfolio, Rent Appeal is able to devote the necessary attention to maintaining good properties and great relationships. That, combined with a modern, paperless office, automated back-end, and mobile technologies allow Rent Appeal to offer the very best service possible to clients in Atlanta, Georgia.

Rent Appeal’s cloud-based system ( enables clients to find the information they need wherever they are, at whatever time of day. The systems are accessible from any web capable device, and allow landlords to easily access account history, reports, tax records, and more, all within one central hub.

The reliance on a cloud-based application means information is always available, anywhere there is an internet connection. The office is wherever you make it. That translates to a mobile, high-energy, and better equipped workforce, with faster response and clearer communication.

A spokesperson for Rent Appeal explained, “Rent Appeal was designed from the ground up to streamline an industry that traditionally relies on paper documents and cumbersome processes. Now, a new property can be set up and marketed online within 24 hours. It’s natural to assume that systemizing everything removes the personal aspect that our business is known for. But, we’ve found nothing could be further from the truth. Efficient systems mean that we have more time to do what we love most - engaging with our customers. It’s made all the difference in building the great relationships that we’re so proud of.”

About Rent Appeal: Rent Appeal is run by a skilled team of licensed property managers in Atlanta, GA. They provide a wide variety of services to landlords, property owners, and investors. Their team is always up-to-date on Georgia Landlord-Tenant laws and current market trends. Their paperless offices enable people to manage their account anytime, anywhere.

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