Rent a Ride Announces New Payment Options For Rental Cars

Rent a Ride's service allows consumers to avoid the barriers and hassles of the major car rental companies, reports Rent a Ride's Steve Chirello.

With 2,632 car rental businesses operating as of 2012, one may wonder why there was a need for more. It turns out that many of the existing companies are expensive, make things hard on renters, or are otherwise deficient in their offerings. Therefore, Rent a Ride ( has announced its car rental alternative.

"Major rental companies often nickle-and-dime customers with mileage charges or tight limitations on driving range," says Steve Chirello, a Rent a Ride representative. "We realized that it was possible to run a thriving car rental business without doing this, so we have set out to provide customers with a better option than what is offered by the competition."

Those who rent a car from Rent a Ride will find that mileage is unlimited throughout New York State and the states bordering it. This allows customers to roam a long way before they start watching the odometer.

The only hard-and-fast limitation when it comes to possible distances is that the car must remain within the U.S. or Canada. "Customers who intend to take cars out of the normal operating area do need to let our office know in advance so that we can be sure the vehicles have the right insurance," Chirello notes, "but other than that, it is within the agreement to drive anywhere in North America."

This isn't the only benefit offered by the new car rental company. Many of the major competitors only allow credit card payments, and may place substantial holds on a person's credit card account until the car is returned. This is a big problem for people with low credit limits or no credit card at all. Rent a Ride has no such requirements and is happy to accept cash or debit cards as well as credit cards, so their convenience is available to everyone.

"We also realize that many people rent a car because the one they own is in the shop. In these cases, our fees can often be directly billed to the customer's insurance company," says Chirello. This is yet another convenience that isn't easy to find in the rental car industry.

Rates at Rent a Ride are surprisingly cheap, with an economy car going for only $39.99 a day. At the other end of the spectrum, a cargo van or minivan rents for $79.99 per day.If someone rents a car for an entire week, the company will throw in two extra days for free. More options and prices can be found at (

"Our low rates and easy rental terms were set up specifically to make it easy for anyone to rent a car. Nobody should have to worry about having to walk if they aren't rich or choose not to use a credit card."

About Rent a Ride
Rent a Ride was founded in 2004 with the goal of making car rental easy for everyone. It offers unlimited mileage within a multi-state range, accepts many forms of payment, and can even direct-bill insurance companies for covered car rentals.

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